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Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Abyss Magician Sage, Int 18 A sage that has devoted tireless research into the energies of the Abyss, drawing dark power from it in exchange for their base emotions.
Abyssal Murderer Gnoll Gnolls who embrace the demonic savagery in them become an unstoppable demonic force
Alpha Wolf Wolfkin, Warlord or Ardent classes You adapt combat for party combat as well as may receive power points and become unconscious differently.
Ancient Specter Ghost Warrior, Wrathful School A master of channeling the fury of the primal spirits into his foes, and drawing on the darkness of life.
Ancient Wyverneer Wyvern Lord Wyvern Lords who got a part of their wyvern's inner power, using powerful arcane powers.
Arcane Artist Glyphologist A path who's glyphs can grant bonuses to attack powers, who can summon glyphs with an action point, and who's glyphs can be weapons of power and defense.
Arcane Body Warlock, Focused Channeling class feature A path that becomes arcane energy permeating in Melee Touch attacks, an improved second wind, resistance, attacks, and defense.
Arcane Weapon Smith Witch, Arcane Armaments class feature A path that forges fine weapons using arcane energy that are magical, gain abilities normal armaments do not, and can be enchanted.
Avian Ascendant birdfolk You arise to become like that of the greatest beasts of the sky themselves.
Black Lion Lead Black Lion Class A path that deals damage on missed attacks, improves spending an action point to take an extra action, acts as a barrier to enemy evasive combat, gains additional action points, and can be evasive in combat.
Blazing Soul
Blood Alchemist
Brew Junkie Alchemical Weaponmaster (4e Class) Your body has been drastically altered to ensure you never develop tolerance against the potency of your potions. In fact, you body goes into overdrive when you use some potions.
Carnivora Felidae Hito-Neko (4e Race) You step down the path of the purest breed of hunter, your claws can cut through steel and bone alike with ease.
Caustic Catalyst Proficiency with Simple Melee or Military Melee "The ground melts beneath me, leaving trails of flesh and rotten creatures"
Cavalier Fighter, Paladin, or Warlord; Mounted Combat feat Representing the ultimate in combat warfare, this path's features include devastating charges and superior mounted combat.
Cave Flyer
Cerulean Standard Color Bearer, Blue Standard Bastion of defense for their allies, those who hold the Cerulean Standard aloft make it known that they will sooner spill their own blood, than let a brother spill his.
Champion of Water Naead A path that can improve effects related to poison or disease and has gotten in touch with water.
Chaos Pyromancer Sage, Cha 18 Sages that forgo their own humanity in favor of the euphoria that raw fiery destruction brings about are destined, or perhaps doomed, to the path of a Chaos Pyromancer.
Chosen Rider Spider Rider Arachania's blessings are bestowed upon this path in life-saving ways.
Clamorous Ghost Ghost Warrior, Silent School Training You have mastered the combat of throwing knives and have also taken up all ranged weapons
Confessor Human; If Female you must be of a good alignment, if you are a Male you have to be of Chaotic Evil alignment; Rogue A path for rogues to negate enemies and gain aura features.
Crimson Standard Color Bearer, Red Standard Trimmed in blood, the Crimson Standard is a demoralizing banner for all who would stand against it, for soon their blood shall adorn it as well.
Dead Walker
Death Knight Level 11 Paladin You may have sacrificed yourself or given up your flesh in dedication, however this path's devotion to death is an imbuing of dark necrotic and cold power.
Death Knight, Variant Paladin, Level 11, Lay on Hands You become a master and controller of the undead. In addition to your darker origins, you also gain extra damage and utility.
Disciple of the Elder Toad Swampel Swampel who have accessed the power of the ancient fey toads before them.
Divine Weapon Paladin The weapon in the hand of your patron deity, you are the symbol of true faith
Dragon Disciple Any race except Dragonborn, or races with the Living Construct racial trait. A warrior who taps into their draconic heritage.
Dragon's Wing Dragoon A path that focuses on jumps.
Dream Reaper Wizard Wizards that attack through dreams and twist the reality.
Drunken Master Monk Sometimes a man takes up a bottle and starts fighting, dodging blows and dealing them swiftly, all the while hobblind, bobbing and weaving like a master. A very, very drunk master.
Elemental Mentor Any Arcane An arcanist who studies the nuances of an element unto it's perfect expression.
Erlwarrior Fenrirborn, Claw Fighter, Initiate of the Old Faith Fenrirborn blessed by the Erlking who preserve the natural chaos of the world.
Eternal Blade, Variant
Eternal Deceiver Rakshasa
Fell Wyvernborn Wyvernborn A Wyvernborn with a little wicked side, using inner necrotic forces.
Fire Rakshia Rakshia, one of the three adaptation feats Now burning with an eternal flame you shall bring wrath to all who oppose you.
Flail Dancer Any martial class; Flail Duelist Novice feat A combatant who uses flails gracefully
Fury Demon Hunter The preferred Demon Hunter paragon path.
Glyph Forger Glyphologist A glyphologist who works with more lasting glyphs.
Hell Master Warlock, Infernal pact A master of the infernal hells, and a summoner of devils.
Huntmaster Gnoll, proficient with military ranged weapons. A stealthy warrior who specializes in ranged attacks, party tactics, and perceiving locations in darkness.
Kabuto Guardian Tsuku-Master As armored tanks, Kabuto Guardians are trained not to be offensive warriors, but are experts at never being taken down easily in a fight.
Life Manipulator Any arcane or shadow class; any necrotic power; any healing power Specialist in healing and buffing allies using enemies' life force
Lightning Rakshia Rakshia, one of the adaptation feats <!-Insert a short (25 words or so) advertising description of your class here. This will not be displayed on this page.->
Lord of the Tides Elementalist, Water Prefernce A path which focuses on the water aspect of the Elementalist.
Master Hook-Slinger Kor, Hook Trickster feat A Kor trained in using the Hook like a third limb.
Monohue Magician Glyphologist, Elemental Affininty class feature A path that applies themselves to an elemental glyph.
Mystic Theurge Ability to use arcane and divine powers, training in arcana, training in religion. These trained magic users have mastered all kinds of magic, and combine the controller and leader roles into one.
Nemesis of Gods Vasharan (human subrace) You have discovered the darkest secrets from the ancient time since that, you know how to destroy those filthy god followers with this path, you are more effective at killing angels, paladin and priest.
One With the Earth Elemental Swordsman (4e Class) Your dedication to the spirit of the earth has allowed you to unearth hidden power within you.
Priestess of the Spider Cleric or Arachnomancer class, Worship either Lolth or Arachne A path that has rule over spiders, brings forth spiders and spiderwebs, and gains a spider identity.
Primus-Bred Modron Legendary descendants of the God-Being Primus.
Prophet of the Night Skies <!-Insert a short (25 words or so) advertising description of your class here. This will not be displayed on this page.->
Relentless Warrior Requip Warrior (4e class) You've become unstoppable, tireless and unrelenting. When there is a battle, you're the fist one to the front lines and the last one standing.
Requip Veteran Requip Warrior (4e class) You've honed your battle instincts to be able to react to situations with the best weapons at your disposal, and spent tireless practice mastering your armors so that you know how to cover up for your weaknesses.
Royal Standard Color Bearer, Gold Standard A guiding light for all your allies, bringing forth morale and wellness to those who would stand beside you, and the respect of even those who would not.
Rushanai Agent of Rushi Those who follow the raw, primordial strength of earth, the deity Rushi, are known as the Rushanai; steadfast, immovable, they are unshakable champions who ward away harm through force.
Shadow of the Dragon Dragoon, you must have at least one power that has the necrotic keyword (sigil powers do not count) A path that focuses on necrotic powers embodied in their sigil, armor class, combat modifications, and conditions for opponents as well as a path that tells targets to attack them and adapts combat for party combat.
Sharanai Agent of Sharahas With balance in mind, agents of Sharahas are known as the Sharanai, part of two warring disciplines, that of Order and Chaos, kept in check only by Sharahas himself. De-synchronizing themselves from reality's laws, Sharanai can act accomplish tasks no others can.
Shihanai Agent of Shiha Shan The Shihanai, or the Favored of the Mother, are powerful redeemers who nurture life into even the most weakened of beings, setting them upon their feet once more to honor the moon alongside their savior.
Shroud of Zehir Ranger, Rogue; Medusa You are accomplished in evasive maneuvers, the use of poison damage, and resisting poison.
Sifanai Agent of Sifil Han Master manipulators, Sifinai, or agents of the fiery deity Sifil Han, act with charming honesty, but make it their business to employ clever deception. When engaged, or provoked, they unleash torrents of flame and burning fury much like their aspect, even harming themselves if it means more pain for their foe.
Social Savant Your social skills have gotten you this far, why not let them take you further?
Spider Disciple Worship either Lolth or Arachne You learn to move like a spider, improve spending an action point to take an extra action, bite like a spider, and pounce on opponents in a vicious attack.
Spider Incarnate
Spider Keeper Worship either Lolth or Arachne You gain a spider companion which gets stronger as you get more experienced, improve spending an action point to take an extra action, and can move yourself and your companion around the battlefield.
Spider Lancer Spider Rider class, Brutal Rider class feature You and your spider specialize in headlong charges that shatter the enemy and can deal additional damage when you spend an action point.
Spider Lord Paladin, Worship either Lolth or Arachne A path that undertakes attacks that have devastating consequences when executed differently, improves spending an action point to take an extra action, commands spiders, poisons opponents, and moves around the battlefield to attack best.
Spiderkin Arachnomancer class A path that can attack and move through their spider companion, move through spiderwebs normally, retaliate against melee attacks with poison, and has mastered the ambushing techniques of various spiders.
Stark Ghost Ghost Warrior, Grim School Training Masters of two handed swords, defense and axes
Stone Soul Dwarf, 11th level A path that makes those who choose it closer to mountains.
Stoneforge Mystic Kor, Stoneforge Acolyte Practitioners of the ancient Stoneforge tradition of the Kor, master craftsmen and fearsome Lithomancers.
Swift Spydre Spider Rider class, Swift Charge class feature A path that emphasizes critical hits, improves spending an action point to take an extra action, has deadly charges, and makes devastating attacks.
Thaalserean Unborn Dark Elf The evolution of the Dark Elf into their final state.
The Windrunner Elemental Swordsman (4e Class) Playful and quick, like the wind. You are an annoyance that appears to be everywhere.
Toxic Rakshia Rakshia, one of the adaptation feats You take the term venomous to a hole new level
Twilight Dancer Twili, Twili Frenzy feat Driven mad by their loneliness, these Twili use their insanity as more power.
Twilight's Emissary Twili You become the messenger of Twilight in the natural world, the blood of the Dark Interlopers running in your veins- and in your brain.
Unholy Knight Death Knight Knights of the Undead, they've ascended the traditional confines that contain most men.
Vengeance Taker Rogue class You take vengeance with unyielding chastisement and when you spend an action pointyou do better in combat.
Vengeful Ghost Ghost Warrior, Wrathful School Training Masters of one handed swords, violence and crossbows
Vengeful Soul
Weaver Arachnomancer class A path that moves through spiderwebs normally, transcends spiderwebs, and can grant the grace of a spider.
Widowmaker Arachnomancer class A path that is an adept of poison and venom and can grant combat advantages.
Worshiper of Banjo None. A path where some hardships become easier, that gets an additional power, that deals overwhelming damage, who may consider a magic weapon as a dancing weapon, that sings to grant the party ability bonuses, and who attaches strings to reanimate the dead.
Wyvern Master Wyvern Lord Wyvern Masters are Wyvern Lords who merged their mind with their wyvern, gaining great strength.
Yathchol Webrider Spydric-One, Web racial power. You are a master of spiderwebs.
Yautja Elder

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