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Rushanai, Warden of Earth[edit]

Strike me as you would the very stone beneath your feet; see the resemblance? I cannot be moved, I cannot be swayed, and I cannot be harmed.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Rushi (Five Towers Supplement)

"The Solid Earth", Rushi is the eldest child of the pantheon, and despite his tremendous strength and unmatched fortitude, he retains a sense of support, and is boastful of himself only in jest, but in reality he truly is the foundation upon which many things are built, including the world. To those who align themselves with Rushi becoming Rushanai, or "Wardens of the Earth", they speak highly of his always timely aid and particularly interactive demeanor. Rushanai are never truly alone, for their clever and often lively deity intervenes directly in their favor; sandstorms may brew, mud may slide, stone may crack and mountains may rise wherever they step, granting them some advantage they otherwise lacked. To their compatriots, Rushanai are defenders without equal, turning aside and shrugging off staggering blows with but a chuckle.

You as an agent of Rushi are the solid earth, the protector, and the brawler who stands toe to toe with any enemy, no matter their scale.

Rushanai Path Features[edit]

Earthen Resilience (11th Level):
No spell's potency, no blade's bite, no hammer's strike, and no claw's rake deter you, for you are as resilient and sturdy as the earth. You gain damage resistance equal to 1/2 your Constitution modifier against all powers that deal damage.
Upon Firm Ground (11th Level):
No matter the terrain, your boots land across the ground with as much ease as they would in the most optimal of conditions, causing you to ignore Difficult Terrain whenever you charge or run. At all times you are no longer subject to forced movement that would cause you to fall into a precipice, pit, or similar fault, and you stop just short of falling as if you had succeeded in your attempt to catch yourself.
Surging Quake (11th Level):
When you expend an action point to make an attack, regardless of the success or failure of your attack, you cause a thunderous crack of stone beneath you out to burst 3, which shakes all enemies on land to their core, causing them to become Knocked Prone by the earthquake.
Rock Shield (16th Level):
The swing of your weapon inspires the very earth around you to rise up to your ally's aid; upon any attack made by you, successful or not, you may reduce your own AC by -2 to increase an ally's AC by +2 until the start of your next turn, provided they are within 10 squares of you, and grant them damage resistance to all damage equal to +2.

Stone Cold Strike Rushanai Attack 11
The leather wrapped steel within your iron fist changes to the cool grasp of masterfully cut stone for a but a moment before your strike; with a little help, your blow leaves the enemy rattled and confused.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC or Fortitude
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier
Effect: The target of your attack is Dazed until the start of your next turn and is Slowed (save ends). Upon completing your attack, you may shift the target 3 squares in any direction you choose.
Special: You may utilize this Encounter power again should it fail to hit or deal damage to its target.

Shifting Earth Rushanai Utility 12
Like a billowing sandstorm or a roaring rock slide, you overcome anything in your path, and punish those who were too slow with relentless battering.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Stance, Weapon
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Whenever an enemy attempts to Slow, Weaken, Immobilize, Restrain or Petrify you until the end of the Encounter, that enemy immediately takes 1[W] + Strength modifier in damage provided they are in reach of your attack in addition to becoming Slowed by the turning of rocks beneath their feet until the start of your next turn; enemies who are out of reach of your attack are instead Knocked Prone by a sudden seismic shift nearby should they attempt to place any of the listed conditions on you. Additionally, you ignore all forms of Difficult Terrain until the end of the Encounter.

Be the Mountain Rushanai Attack 20
Looming over the victim of your strike, you menace them with your unmatched strength and awesome reserves of endurance, just as the greatest of mountains looms over mere men.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon, Reliable
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC or Fortitude
Hit: 4[W] + Strength modifier
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to two healing surges + your Constitution modifier for free.

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