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Requip Veteran[edit]

I knew it was going to be a hard fight when he materialized a shield before my blow could land

Prerequisite: Requip Warrior

Through training and constant use; you've honed switching equipment in the heat of battle to the degree where it's become second nature. You master every requip you own to a high degree and are always thinking forward as to which weapon you have is best for the next sword stroke and which armour you have is your best defense against the enemy's next plot.

Requip Veteran Path Features[edit]

Requip Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point you can use any Requip power you have as a free action, this does not expend a use of your encounter requip powers.
Master of all Defense (11th Level): Your Master of all combat power now grants you the effects of all types of armor/shield specialization and unarmored agility. You thus gain a +1 feat bonus to AC light or heavy armor and a +2 feat bonus to AC when unarmored or in cloth armor. You gain +1 feat bonus to reflex defense while using a shield. Your check penalty is reduced by 1 in chain or hide armor, and your speed penalty is removed in scale armor. You qualify for anything that any armor or shield specialization feat is required for.
More Encounter Requip Powers (11th Level): You gain the following 2 encounter powers, these count as requip warrior encounter powers in all ways. You can now use encounter requip powers 1 more time per encounter.
Even More Tools for the Job (16th Level): You gain 1 additional at will from the requip warrior level 1 at will attack powers; striker requips deal +2 damage, defender requips get heal an additional 5 HP when they spend a healing surge to heal and and controller requips get +1 to hit. Additionally you can use at will attack powers in place of melee basic attacks for opportunity attacks.
More Daily Requip Powers (20th Level): At level 20, a Requip Veteran can use a requip daily attack power 1 additional time per day.

Swashbuckler Requip Requip Warrior 11
Sometimes you find yourself saying “yarrr” for no particular reason
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Requip, Striker
Minor Action '
Target: Personal
Effect: Equip the following equipment:

Weapon: Vicious Rapier +x
Shield: Recoil Light Shield +x
Armour: Extra Light Leather Armor +x
Neck: Periapt of Recovery +x
Gain striker bonuses from Versatile Warrior. Versatile hunter stat is dexterity.
While in this requip; you score critical hits on a natural 19 or 20, and critical hits daze the target until the end of your next turn.
Grants the ability to use the True Strike power.

Special: Extra light leather armor: This armor gives +1 to skills that normally would have a check penalty.

True Strike Swashbuckler Requip 11
You slip your rapier past your enemy’s defenses. Surprise!
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Free Action '
Trigger: You use a requip warrior at-will attack
Requirement: Must be in the Swashbuckler Requip
Target: Personal
Effect: The triggering attack automatically critically hits. Do not roll to hit.
Level 19: Regain use of this if you roll lower then a 5 on an attack roll while in the swashbuckler requip.
Level 29: Increase damage of the attack by 8+1d12 and it ignores the target’s DR.

Gladiator Requip Requip Warrior 11
Are you not entertained? Gladiators fight for a living so emulating them is sure to yield results.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Requip, Controller
Minor Action '
Target: Personal
Effect: Equip the following equipment:

Weapon: Inescapable Death Trident +x
Offhand: Ghost Chain Death Net +x
Armour: Versatile Plate +x
Neck: Brooch of Shielding +x
When in this requip may use the gladiator’s net attack.
Grants the ability to use the Crushing Net power.

Special: Weapon and offhand identical to Inescapable Trident and Ghost Chain Net; except that they may deal necrotic damage or physical damage (free action on your turn to toggle).

Gladiator's Net Gladiator Requip Attack 11
For gladiators, not wielding a shield is a net gain
At-Will Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee 5
Requirement: Must be in the Gladitor Requip
Target: One Creature
Attack: Strength or Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: The target is slowed and may not shift. Gain reach, and threatening reach against the target.

This effect lasts until the target is no longer in range; you are no longer in this requip, the target spends a move action to remove this condition or you use this power again.

Effect: This turn you may make a requip warrior at-will attack against this target as a free action.
Special: On roll of natural 18, 19 or 20; the target is grabbed instead of slowed. In this case the target cannot spend a move action to escape the condition; but can end it by escaping the grab.

Crushing Net Gladiator Requip 11
And just when they they thought they were safe they realized the net has a mind of its own
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Implement
Standard Action Any
Requirement: Must be in the Gladiator Requip
Target: One creature effected by your Gladiator's Net power
Effect: the target is grappled and restrained in addition to the other effects of the net. At the start of their turn they take 1d6+charisma modifier damage. To escape they have to escape the grab with a -5 penalty. This lasts until the target is no longer affected by Gladiator’s Net.
Level 19: Target takes an additional -2 to attacks, skills and saves.
Level 29: This ability deals double damage and Gladiator’s net ability can be used without ending the effects of this ability and gladiator’s net on the target of this attack.

Quick Requip Requip Veteran Utility 12
You quickly change armour to fend off an impending attack
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You are targeted by anything
Effect: Use any Requip encounter power as an immediate action that does not cost an encounter requip or expend the power; and gain temporary HP equal to twice your Charisma modifier that last until the end of the encounter.

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