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Fire Rakshia[edit]

Ooooh I'm gonna Burn you till your extra crispy, just the way I like it!
—Glethu-nur, Rakshia Fighter

Prerequisite: Rakshia, Earthen Adaptation

Fire Rakshia Path Features[edit]

Blazing Invertebrate (11th Level): You gain a resist 4 +1/2 lvl to fire, deal an extra Con mod in fire damage on opportunity attacks, and you may choose to give off a dim light of 4.
Over drive (11th Level): You may add 2d4 fire damage to one melee attack you spent an action point to use.
Over-Flamous (16th Level): When Bloodied you have an Aura 2 for this aura at the beginning of your turn make one attack roll (Con + 4 VS Ref). Any time a creature begins its turn in your aura and its defenses fail your attack it takes 2d4 + Con fire damage.

Magma Surge Fire Rakshia Attack 11
You have magma from within you surge forth, cascading it on the ground were it continues to burn.
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Zone, Fire
Standard Action Close Burst 2
Target: All creatures in burst
Attack: Constitution Vs. Ref
Hit: 6d4+Con mod Fire Damage
Effect: The zone is engulfed in flames until you choose not to, fail to sustain the zone, or leave the zone. Creatures that start their turn in or enter the zone take 2d4 + Con mod fire damage.
Sustain Minor: you must roll a saving roll to sustain the area

Seer the Wound Fire Rakshia Utility 12
You Focus an intense flame on a small area to smother another flame, destroy poisons, or seer a deadly wound shut.
At-Will Star.gif Arcane, Fire
Minor Action Touch
Target: You or one willing creature
Effect: Target takes 2d4 - Wis mod fire and may immediately roll one saving throw against an ongoing effect

Bout of Flame Fire Rakshia Attack 20
You spew a bout of fire at your enemies
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Zone, Fire
Standard Action Beam 5
  • (this is equivalent to range but hits squares in a line to the target (up to the total distance and they must be adjacent to each other and reach from you to on the target square)
  • alternatively you can use a range 5 burst 1
Requirement: Must be bloodied
Target: All creatures under beam (all in burst)
Attack: Constitution Vs. Ref
Hit: Deals 3d6 + Con mod fire damage + ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)
Effect: The zone becomes an area that deals 2d6 + 6 fire damage to any creature that enters or begins its turn in the zone.

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