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Ancient Specter[edit]

Shadows are just a natural as light
—Conan, Fenrirborn Ghost Warrior

Prerequisite: Ancient Ghost Warrior, Primal Might: Beserker Wrath, Wrathful School

When nature fights back against civilization, there are many people who view nature as destructive. Some Ghost Warriors saw the savageness and death caused by nature as another power to use to keep order in the world. While other Ghost Warriors turned to dealing vengeance, the Ancient Ghosts looked to keeping the natural order in balance. With their connection with nature, they have grown accustomed to finding their enemies from farther away than their counterparts and began to use bows and crossbows.

Ancient Specter Path Features[edit]

Shadow Sending (11th Level): You can use any class skill with the Wrathful School of Primal keyword if you are wielding a one-handed thrown weapon that you are proficient with. If you attack with a ranged weapon, the range of the attack changes to Ranged Weapon. In addition, you gain the Devastating Critical feat even if you don't meet the prerequisites.
Rampaging Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to make an attack, you can roll a critical hit on a roll of one less than usual. For example, when you roll a basic melee attack, you could score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. If you use Shadow Hand, you could score a critical hit on a roll of 18, 19 or 20.
Improved Primal Might (16th Level): While affected by Beserker Wrath, you gain resist 10 cold, fire, lightning, acid or poison. Whenever you deal damage that has no type, you can make it cold, fire, lightning, acid or poison damage. When you gain this feature, you choose which damage you gain resistance to and it is the same as the damage type. This choice remains constant though out your character's life.

Primal Rampage Ancient Specter Attack 11
You build your fury stronger with a lethal strike
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Shadow, Wrathful School
Immediate Reaction Melee or Ranged Weapon
Trigger: You score a critical hit on an enemy
Effect: You can make a basic melee attack against the target foe. If you are raging before the use of this power, you gain a bonus to the damage roll equal to your Dexterity modifier.

Haunting Insight Ancient Specter Utility 12
Your foe misses you with an attack, and your ghostly powers allow you to strike where it is weakest.
At-Will Star.gif Primal, Shadow
Free Action Personal
Trigger: An enemy misses you with an attack
Effect: The enemy grants you combat advantage until the end of your next turn

Primal Strike Ancient Specter Attack 20
You strike at your foes heart dealing a blow that the won't recover from any time soon.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Shadow, Weapon, Reliable
Standard Action Ranged or Melee Weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 3[W] + Dexterity modifier damage, and the target is weakened(save ends). If you have combat advantage against the target, you can score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

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