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Elemental Swordsman (4e Class)[edit]

Move like the wind, strong like the earth, calm like the water, and with your blade infused with fire.
Class Traits
Role: Striker. The Elemental Swordsman uses the power of the elements to increase his own physical prowess and strike out with immense damage.
Power Source: Arcane and Martial. Your attacks rely on your extensive practice with the blade and your link with the power of the elements.
Key Abilities: Dexterity, Strength, Wisdom.
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military light blade, military heavy blade.
Implements: Any light blade or heavy blade.
Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude and any provided by the active elemental calling.
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Nature (Wis), Acrobatics (Dex).  From the class skills list below, choose 3 more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Athletics (Str), Dungeoneering (Wis), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Perception (Wis), Endurance (Con), Insight (Wis).
Build Options: Wind Swordsman, Earth Swordsman, Water Swordsman, Fire Swordsman.
Class Features: Power of the Elements, Elemental Calling, Developed Style.

Elemental Swordsman are warriors who have dedicated themselves to harnessing the power of the elements and applying this to their techniques in battle, be it with incredible speed, seamless defense, amazing strength or immense resolve. They have been able to convince the spirits of nature which they call to their aid that they are worthy of their aid. As an elemental swordsman you fight for your own reasons, be it for gold, for glory or even for the thrill of battle and these reasons for you to fight are up to you to decide.

Elemental Swordsman Overview

Characteristics: The characteristics of an Elemental Swordsman can vary wildly based on the current elemental spirit which is called, but they are always characterised by their lack of range.
Religion: Elemental Swordsman can follow any religion but as a rule of thumb usually will follow gods that represent the powers of nature such as Sehanine.
Races: Elemental Swordsman can be of any races as long as they have the dedication to prove themselves to the elemental spirits.

Creating an Elemental Swordsman.[edit]

An Elemental Swordsman is defined by the spirit which they favour the most. A Wind swordsman is quick and nimble with a lot of powers allowing for movement, while a Water swordsman is slippery and can escape from danger easily with many powers allowing for shifting into position or out of danger. Few can stop a determined Earth Swordsman from reaching their target or resist their wide range of control powers, while a Fire swordsman focuses on dealing large amounts of damage and weakening their opponents. In addition, Fire Swordsmen have the more area attacks.
Different builds require different Ability Scores; for a Wind or Water Swordsman, Dexterity is the most, followed by Strength and Wisdom. On the other hand, for a Earth or Fire swordsman, Strength should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity to increase your AC and Wisdom to enhance your powers effects.

Wind Swordsman[edit]

The Wind Swordsman is mobile and quick, gaining increased speed and using powers based on Charging. Dexterity should be your highest modifier as it determines both your attack bonus and your AC. Strength and Wisdom follow, as they improve the effects of your attacks.

Suggested Feat: Elemental Bond (4e Feat), (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Percerption (Wis).
Suggested At-Will Powers: Lunging Slash, Leaping Slash.
Suggested Encounter Power: Wild Winds.
Suggested Daily Power: Lightning Sword Thrust.
Water Swordsman[edit]

Calm and collected describes the Water Swordsman in three words, slipping past enemies without a single care of reprise and doling out beatings to those that they target, the Water Swordsman is a slippery customer. They flow like water and have great positional tools at their disposal. Dexterity should be their highest ability score as it increases not only their offense but also their defense, Strength or Wisdom can be Second as they both have helpful effects on their choice of powers. Taking whichever of the two you didn't for third highest.

Suggested Feat: Elemental Bond (4e Feat), (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Percerption (Wis).
Suggested At-Will Powers: Lunging Slash, Leaping Slash.
Suggested Encounter Power: Calm of the Water.
Suggested Daily Power: Serene Sword Slash.

Earth Swordsman[edit]

Strength of the Earth within these warriors, they call upon the might of the earth itself to protect them and to destroy their enemies. With the largest amount of controlling powers at their disposal they can control single targets and not allow enemies to escape their blades. They also have powers which can protect themselves from harm. Strength is what their powers use the most so that should be your highest ability score with Dexterity second for vital AC and Wisdom behind that to increase the effects of some of their powers.

Suggested Feat: Elemental Bond (4e Feat), (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Percerption (Wis).
Suggested At-Will Powers: Aerial Slam, Upward Slash.
Suggested Encounter Power: Strength of the Earth.
Suggested Daily Power: Earth Splitting Strike.
Fire Swordsman[edit]

Fire in their hearts, the warriors of flame have little to fear as they purge their foes with righteous flame. When an Elemental Swordsman favours the spirit of fire, they become a force to be reckoned with. With the highest amount of damage, but with the smallest amount of mobility and defense, they can scorch their foes. Fire Swordsman also wield the powers which have the largest areas of effect and have buffs for their allies, filling them with their fury. Strength is what their powers use the most so that should be the highest ability score, with Dexterity second highest and Wisdom behind that.

Suggested Feat: Elemental Bond (4e Feat), (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Percerption (Wis).
Suggested At-Will Powers: Aerial Slam, Upward Slash.
Suggested Encounter Power: Fury of the Fire.
Suggested Daily Power: Fire Blast.

Elemental Swordsman Class Features[edit]

All Elemental Swordsman share these class features.

Elemental Calling: You can invoke an elemental calling, an aura of protective primordial energy. You always have one calling active, which by default is the primordial spirit. Some of your powers may allow you to invoke a different calling. When this happens, you lose the benefits of your prior calling. The new calling lasts until the end of the encounter, or 5 minutes, after which you revert to your default calling. This invoking happens before any action described in the power which invokes them so you gain any bonus due to the elemental calling before you roll for damage.

Each calling provides a bonus to defense, a damage resistance, benefits relating to movement, and a "Power of the Elements" bonus (see below).

At level 11, you are able to harmoniously combine your elemental callings. You can sustain the benefits of two callings at a time. For example, if the first power you use in an encounter calls the spirit of the wind, you gain the benefits of both primordial spirit and spirit of the wind. If in the same encounter you use a power that invokes a new calling, you choose which existing calling is replaced. At the end of the encounter, you lose the benefit of all callings and revert back to primordial spirit'.

At level 21, you are able to sustain the benefits of three callings at a time.

Power of the Elements: Once per round you can gain a bonus to your damage rolls when using a Elemental Swordsman exploit with a weapon you are proficient with. The type of bonus depends on which calling you are in, and the effects stack if you have more than one calling active. For example, if you have invoked both the Spirit of Wind and the Spirit of Earth, you gain a +2d8 bonus to one damage roll if you charge a prone enemy.

Elemental Calling Power of the Elements Defense Resist Movement
Primordial Spirit +2 damage
Spirit of the Wind +1d8 lightning damage whilst charging +1 Ref 5 thunder +1 to speed whilst charging or running; A bonus to AC against opportunity attacks equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Spirit of the Earth +1d8 damage against foes that are immobilized, prone or slowed +1 Fort 5 force +1 to saving throws; If you are subject to forced movement, you reduce the distance moved by 1 square.
Spirit of Water +1d8 cold damage against foes you are flanking +1 Will 5 cold Shift 1 space after attacking with a melee attack as a free action once per round.
Spirit of Fire +2 fire damage on all attacks and +1d8 fire damage against foes that have attacked you or have been bloodied in the last turn +1 Will 5 fire

Developed Style: Without much formal guidance or military training, you have developed your own way to fight.
Choose one of the following styles of fighting and gain it's benefits.

One Blade Fighting: You have honed your defensive abilities while wielding a single blade, adopting novel ways to parry and block even with the largest of blades. When you wield a light blade or heavy blade that you are proficient with in both hands, you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC.

Two Blade Fighting: Your off-hand weapon style is bold and fluid. You gain Two Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat. In addition, when you are wielding a weapon you are proficient with in each hand you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with those weapons.


An Elemental Swordsman's powers are called Exploits and are based on the Elemental Swordsman's mastery of both the power of the elements and his technique with the blade. A list can be found Elemental Swordsman Powers (4e Power List).


A list of class feats for an Elemental Swordsman can be found Elemental Swordsman Class Feats (4e Class Feats)

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