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Toxic Rakshia[edit]

If the bite doesn't kill him my poison will.
—Malg-Resa-Gi, Rakshi Rouge

Prerequisite: Rakshia, Winged Adaptation

Toxic Rakshia Path Features[edit]

Venomous Being (11th Level): Resist 3 +1/2 level Poison, and you add 2d4 poison damage to your Critical Hit damage
Reflexive Burst (11th Level):On spending an action point you may shift your speed.
Kin of Arachnids (16th Level): Criticals slow the target until the end of your next turn.

Venomous Strike Attack 11
You coat your weapon in poison before making crucial blow to your foe
Encounter Star.gif Shadow, Weapon, Poison
Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon
Target: 1 creature in range
Attack: Strength(melee) or Dexterity (ranged) Vs. Ac
Hit: 2W damage + Str (melee) or Dex (ranged) mod + 2d4 poison damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn
Special: If it is a critical hit the poison damage is ongoing (save ends)

Counter Venom Utility 12
"That stung but this will burn"
At-Will Star.gif Psionic, Poison
Immediate Reaction {{{range}}}
Trigger: You are hit by a power that deals ongoing damage.
Effect: You add damage equivalent to the ongoing damage dealt to you on the next attack of your choice, by using a Minor action on your turn prior to your attack.
The damage collected cannot be stacked and instead takes the higher value.

Direct injection Attack 16
A single Fang springs forth from within your mouth delivering a fatal dose of venom
Daily Star.gif Shadow, Reliable, Poison
Standard Action Melee
Requirement: Must have a "Counter Venom" Ready
Target: 1 creature
Attack: Strength, Constitution, or Wisdom +2 Vs. Ref
Hit: 1d4 damage and 5 + wisdom mod ongoing damage and target is dazed (save ends both), and the venom dose is spent
  • if the first saving throw is failed the target is also blinded (save ends all)
Miss: power not used, but the Venom dose is spent
Special: If the target has no poison resistance, they get a -2 to the first saving throw against this, if the first saving throw is failed they get a -5 to all proceeding saving throws against this attack regardless of poison resistance.

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