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Stoneforge Acolyte [Racial]

You gain the Stoneforge Creation power.
Prerequisite: Kor, Wis 17, Stoneforge Initiate
Benefit: You gain the Stoneforge Creation power.
Stoneforge Creation Feat Power
You fashion a weapon of pulsating primal energy and white mana from mere stone.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Conjuration
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You conjure one +1 Stoneforge Weapon of your choice in your hands. The weapon may be simple, martial, or superior, but it must be of a type appropriate for Stoneforge Weapons and you must be proficient with it. The weapon lasts until the end of the encounter or until it leaves your hands, at which point it crumbles back into gravel.
Level 8: One +2 Stoneforge Weapon.
Level 13: One +3 Stoneforge Weapon.
Level 18: One +4 Stoneforge Weapon.
Level 23: One +5 Stoneforge Weapon.
Level 28: One +6 Stoneforge Weapon.

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