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Shihanai, Favored of the Mother[edit]

To exalt compassion is more a strength than a weakness; those who lend aid find it lent unto them, and the truly grateful bring returns many fold.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Shi ha'Shan (Five Towers Supplement)

Whereas Ashid exalts justice and retribution, fire and strength, Shi ha'Shan is much the opposite; her agents exemplify the greatest benevolence and patience, tranquility and inner balance. Just as one cannot sway the sun, one cannot push the moon, and Shi ha'Shan indeed has composure beyond measure. Her words always soothing, encouraging, she inspires those whom seek her out to bestow her gifts upon the willing and enlighten those who are not, desiring to express what it is she simply wishes for them. But Shi ha'Shan is not passive, for she actively maintains a select order to ensure some semblance of her will is visible in the eyes of the mortal world in the form of her Shihanai, or those who are the "Favored of the Mother". While not grand in numbers, her agents are notably skillful and tactful.

You as an agent of Shi ha'Shan are the hand that stays harm, the presence of reason, and the heart of compassion.

Shihanai Path Features[edit]

Moon's Glow (11th Level):
You utter words of arcane healing; if you restore vitality to an ally they are bathing in a cool, pale silver glow which washes over your fellow companions. This effect causes you to heal all allied creatures within burst 3 of the target which you expended a power to heal; the healing provided by Moon's Glow is equal to your Charisma, Wisdom or Intelligence modifier. If you can not heal; twice per encounter, an ally within burst 3 of you uses a healing surge, they are healed an additional amount equal to you Charisma, Wisdom or Intelligence modifier, and one ally within burst 3 of the target ally to heal, equal to your Charsima, Wisdom or Intelligence modifier.
Tranquil Touch (11th Level):
When you expend an action point you may force an enemy of your choosing to remain still by merely lifting a finger in their direction and nodding, the effected creature is immediately stunned (saving throw ends) with a -3 penalty to its next saving throw, causing it to grant combat advantage to its enemies and denying it any action, as it temporarily loses the will to fight and instead finds itself at peace. If the creature is attacked before the start of your next turn, it may end this effect immediately.
Aura of the Mother's Favor (16th Level):
Every allied creature under the watchful eye of a Shihanai finds themselves under the protective nature of Shi ha'Shan herself. Whenever an allied creature within burst 3 of you, or yourself, is reduced to 0 or less hit points it immediately regains hit points equal to the amount required to put it at 1 hit point following the attack in order to prevent its death. This effect may trigger only once for each creature per day.

Purest Word Shihanai Attack 11
With subtle concentration you utter a word of unmatched purity with startling calm, dazing the subject of your attack and returning your allies much needed vitality.
Encounter Star.gif Divine, Healing
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma Vs. Will or Fortitude
Hit: 2d10 + Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma modifier damage.
Effect: The subject of the attack is dazed until the start of your next turn, and you, along with each ally within 3 squares of you, may expend a healing surge.
Special: Creatures which are immune to being dazed instead take another 1d10 in damage.

Silver Calling Shihanai Utility 12
With a courteous request you ask of Shi ha'Shan to empower you with the very essence of the moon, to which she obliges your appeal, wrapping you in a ethereal mantle and cloak made of moonlight while sheathing your weapon in a cool, dim silver glow.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the end of the Encounter all powers you utilize which contain the Healing keyword now heal for an additional amount equal to your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma modifier, along with increasing the effectiveness of your saving throws by +2, and causing all attacks made by you to act as if your weapon was made of silver.
Special: While under the benefit of Silver Calling you may reduce the damage you take from falling equal to your level.

Moonlight Step Shihanai Attack 20
Following the swing of your weapon comes a shimmer of dim gray which radiates brighter as you suddenly cease to exist where you were previously, appearing a ways quite far off, and leaving a trail of glimmering silver light in the direction you traveled.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Teleportation, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma Vs. AC
Hit: 3[W] + Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma damage
Miss: Half damage
Effect: You may teleport up to 10 squares from your previous location to a location of your choosing, leaving a trail of silver energy behind you. This silver trail deals your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma modifier + 1d6 in damage to any hostile creature which crosses it immediately, and restores an equal amount of health to an ally of your choosing provided they are within 3 squares of the line.
Sustain Minor: You may sustain Moonlight Step's ethereal line as a Minor Action.
Special: The healing and damage provided by Moonlight Step's trail cannot be increased or decreased.

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