Lightning Rakshia (4e Paragon Path)

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Lightning Rakshia[edit]

“ Shocking aren't I? ”
—Mr. Shocks, Rakshia Warlock

Prerequisite: Rakshia, Aquatic Adaptation

Lightning Rakshia Path Features[edit]

Static Shield (11th Level): You gain Resist 3 +1/2 lvl Lightning and you gain a +2 to saving throws against ongoing damage.
Jolt (11th Level): When you spend an action point the nearest enemy takes your Int mod in lightning damage.
Ion Jump (16th Level): When you roll a critical hit all creatures adjacent to the target take 1d8 lightning damage.

Lightning Blast Attack 11
You send out a giant pulse of electric energy surging through the air
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Implement
Standard Action Close Blast 4
Target: Any Creature in Burst
Attack: Int Vs. Ref
Hit: deal 1d12 + Int mod Damage and the target is stunned until the end of your next turn

Electrical Repulsion Utility 12
You charge the air around you with electricity hindering ranged attacks
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Aura 1
Effect: You Gain an aura 1 until the end of your next turn; friendly creatures (including yourself) within the aura gain a +2 bonus to AC and reflex against ranged attacks.

Blue Bolt Attack 16
Without warning a powerful bolt of lightning strikes your foes
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Implement
Standard Action Range 8 Burst 1
Target: Any Creature in Blast
Attack: Int Vs. Ref
Hit: 3d12 lightning damage and target is stunned (save ends)
Miss: Half damage

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