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Relentless Warrior[edit]

I never knew where he got his strength from, but he was a good warrior, one of the best, and he never backed down from a challenge no matter the odds.

Prerequisite: Requip Warrior

Every time you've faced adversity or incredible odds, you've raised to the challenge, and more importantly you've learned how to endure through them. Now you shrug aside the little problems which harass lesser warriors, allowing you to focus on your own goals and plans.

Relentless Warrior Path Features[edit]

Follow Up Action (11th Level): After you hit and deal damage to a target, you may spend an action point to immediately attack it again, automatically hitting the target a second time with the same attack.
Unstoppable Force (11th Level): You may reduce effects that push, pull or slide you by 1 square.
More Encounter Requip Powers (11th Level): You gain the following 2 encounter powers, these count as requip warrior encounter powers in all ways. You can now use encounter requip powers 1 more time per encounter.
Endless Strength (16th level): When others tire out; you keep fighting. Gain temporary hitpoints equal to your constitution modifier (minimum 1) whenever any of the following happen: You are in a striker requip, and drop a non-minion enemy to 0 HP. You are in a defender requip, and a marked enemy makes an attack that does not include you in the targets. You are in a controller requip, and an enemy takes an opportunity attack against you.
More Daily Requip Powers (20th Level): At level 20, a Relentless Warrior can use a requip daily attack power 1 additional time per day.

Juggernaut Requip Requip Warrior 11
The best defense is a good defense
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Requip, Defender
Minor Action '
Target: Personal
Effect: Equip the following equipment:

Weapon: Defensive Maul +x
Armour: Mithral Layered Plate +x
Neck: Medallion of Death Deferred +x+1
Your attacks mark all enemies that you attacked as a free action. Your marked targets have an additional -2 to hit all targets.
The first healing surge spent in this requip in combat does not cost a healing surge.
Grants the ability to use the Titan Swing power.

Titan Swing Juggernaut Requip Attack 11
Your maul is an unstoppable force, all who stand in your path are blown away
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee 1
Requirement: Must be in the Juggernaut Requip
Target: All creatures in 3 adjacent squares in range

Level 29: All enemies in a close burst 1

Attack: Strength Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2[w] + Strength modifier damage. The target is pushed 3 squares.
Level 19: Increase the push to 4 squares.
Level 29: Increase the damage to 3[w] + Strength modifier damage.
Special: If the target is pushed into a non-friendly creature, the target stops, deal damage to this creature equal to your Strength modifier times the number of squares the target was prevented from moving.

Huskarl Requip Requip Warrior 11
It is generally a good policy to have a couple extra axes on hand if you ever need to volunteer for any dangerous journeys.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Requip, Striker
Minor Action '
Target: Personal
Effect: Equip the following equipment:

Weapons: Pair of Giantslayer Dwarven Waraxes +x
Armour: Battleforged Chain Armor +x
Neck: Steadfast Amulet +x
Gain striker bonuses from versatile warrior, versatile hunter stat is Strength.
While in this requip, you can use your second wind as a minor action.
Grants the ability to use the Backhand Stroke power.

Backhand Stroke Huskarl Requip Attack 11
With a quick backhand jab, you deliver a powerful blow that leaves your enemy bleeding internally
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon, Reliable
Minor Action Melee Weapon
Requirement: Must be in the Huskarl Requip
Target: One Creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC
Hit: 1[w] damage, and the target takes ongoing damage equal to 2 + Strength modifier (save ends)

Level 29: Increase damage to 2[w] and ongoing damage to 2 x Strength modifier.

Special: Level 19: Before rolling to hit, you can choose to forgo the ongoing damage (if you hit). If you do so; you do not expend this power.

Slow but Steady Relentless Warrior Utility 12
You force your way through adversity. Slow and steady wins the race
At-Will Star.gif Martial
Move Action Personal
Effect: Move 4 squares. This move ignores difficult terrain and is not reduced by encumbrance or slowing status effects.
Special: This can be used as the movement part of a charge.

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