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Hello. I'm just another nub.

Things I’ve Made[edit]


Schicksal Cruciform Auto-gun (5e Equipment)

Senketsu, 2nd Variant (5e Equipment)

Junketsu (5e Equipment)

Fragrance Gauntlets (5e Equipment)

Fragrance Bazooka (5e Equipment)

Fragrance Containers (5e Equipment)

Knocking Gun (5e Equipment)

Knocking Gun, Delicate Type (5e Equipment)

Knocking Rifle (5e Equipment)

Revitalizing Kitchen Knife (5e Equipment)

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5e Equipment)

Mistsplitter Reforged (5e Equipment)

Caliburn, The Sword of Selection (5e Equipment)

The Unforged (5e Equipment) (My first COMPLETED page on the wiki)


Project Series:19C (5e Creature)

Project Series: Drone (5e Creature)

Earthen Servant (5e Creature)


Honkai Valkyrie (5e Class)

Dark Knight, 2nd Variant (5e Class)


Aspect of Twilight (5e Subclass)

Oath of the Silver Hand, Variant (5e Subclass)


Chuunibyo (5e Feat)

Uncanny Finesse (5e Feat)

Street Fighter (5e Feat)

Anticipation (5e Feat)

Improved Deflect Missiles (5e Feat)

Ultimate Opportunist (5e Feat)

Mana Burst (5e Feat)

Cantrip Prodigy (5e Feat)

Lead from the Front (5e Feat)

Extension of Oneself (5e Feat)


Life-fiber Hybrid (5e Race)


Illusory Torrent (5e Spell)

Illusory Phantom (5e Spell)

Stellaris Phantasm (5e Spell)

Fox Fire (5e Spell)

Orb of Charm (5e Spell)

Spirit Rush (5e Spell)

Orb of Deception (5e Spell)

Essence Theft (5e Spell)

Crystalline Jades (5e Spell)

Cradle of Jade (5e Spell)

Paddle Star (5e Spell)

Sleepy Trouble Bubble (5e Spell)

Bound Weapon, Variant (5e Spell)

Hyper Voice (5e Spell)

Lesser Wish (5e Spell)

Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade (5e Spell)

Eye of the Euryale (5e Spell)‎

Smile of the Stheno (5e Spell)‎

Spirit Shotgun (5e Spell)

Variant Rules[edit]

Chilled and Shocked Conditions (5e Variant Rule)

Elemental Reactions (5e Variant Rule)

Works in Progress[edit]

Gourmet Hunter (5e Class)

Yuheng (5e Class)

Intellectual, Variant (5e Class)

The Defiant (5e Class)

Supplements for other stuff I made[edit]

Basic Techniques

Knocking Techniques

Sight Techniques

Smell Techniques

Touch Techniques

Hearing Techniques

Special Techniques

Gourmet Hunter Feats (5e Other)

Fragrance Containers (5e Equipment)

Valkyrie Battlesuit Mods (5e Other)

Not originally mine, but I've decided to work on[edit]

Winds of Life (5e Class) (Will get to this soon, hopefully)

Things I've contributed to[edit]

Astartes (5e Class)

Dancer (5e Class)

Light Dancer (5e Class)

Persona User (5e Class)

Master Thief (5e Class)

Earthen Servant (5e Spell)

Matrix Motions (5e Feat)

Legendary Swordsman (5e Class)

I'm always open to criticism so long as it's constructive.

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