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How many caskets do we have? Because we're going to need three more, no matter how this turns out.
—Rygar Bronzesteel, Dwarven Fighter
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Into the Deep[edit]

All across Valgora lays the blue surf of the last great uncharted areas. Those regions below the waves that exist in a strange and foreign environment. From the riverbed to the oceanbottom, this guide can assist player's looking to spend their days above or below the Deep Blue.

Aquatic Locations[edit]

Whether it's the beautiful and dangerous island or the deep and dark ocean trench, the waters of Valgora provide many interesting sights to be seen.

Surface Level[edit]

The Island of Hesjing
The Island of Hesjing is the largest and most populous of the known inhabitated islands and home to Talara.
The Grey Mist Span
The spooky coast off of Vren Drux
North Point
The small island off the northern coast of Blüdfrost
South-Western Landmass
A recently spotted and as-of-yet unnamed/unclaimed large landmass to the southwest of Malsvir, being referred to as X

Below Tide[edit]

Atlantean Bay
The Atlantean Bay exists below the area of Talara's Docking District and the two societies share much
Graveyard of the Sea
The shipwreck-strewn seabed off the coast of Cape Myst
Ruins of a once great urban city off the northern coast of Weinderston
The largest known (to land walkers) aquatic city. Home of the Sea Elves

Aquatic Character Options[edit]


Water Elemental Warrior
The Water Elemental Warrior is a fighter with deep connections to the Elemental Plane of Water

Prestige Classes[edit]

Atlantean Cavalier
The Atlantean Cavalier is an aquatic PrC with a focus on mounted combat.


Fins of Swimming
The fins of swimming can be attached to a character's boots to aid in swimming


The Amphibious is a birth feat for a character able to live both on land and in water.
Dolphin Leap
The Dolphin Leap assists players moving out of water quickly.
Divetongue Casting
Divetongue Casting assists with underwater vocalization


The Balance Skill can assist characters when traveling via ship on rocky waters.
The Climb Skill can assist characters getting up ship rigging and masts.
The Craft Skill can assist characters in an aquatic setting craft water crafts for travel or profit.
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)
The Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) Skill will allow players to figure out ship design and naval architecture.
Knowledge (Geography)
The Knowledge (Geography) Skill will assist in naval navigation.
Profession (Sailor)
The Profession (Sailor) Skill allow characters to know and perform naval duties.
The Swim Skill is one of the most basic and most important skills for a character who will be spending any great amount of time in the waters.


Control Water
The Control Water spell allows a character the height of the water around them.

Aquatic Races[edit]

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