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Campaign Setting


Any player can roll dice to kill a troll anywhere, but the Dungeons & Dragons game allows for plenty of said action. However, what really brings a game session to life is the Dungeon Master's ability to provide a colorful and enthralling world for the player's to explore. As Dungeon Master, Valgora can meet and exceed all of your party's game needs. The content on this page is designed to assist you in providing a vibrant setting for your players. Before going any further, remember: You're the Dungeon Master! As such, any parts of Valgora you don't like, you can change! Add or alter the world to your whims!

Campaign Setup Overview[edit]

Prep Station[edit]

Take a moment and change, delete, or exchange any specifics of the Valgora setting that you prefer before the game begins. Though small changes can be made later (such as minor town names or characters), major changes should be known to your players before beginning, such as deciding to use the standard Greyhawk Pantheon in lieu of Valgora's. If you're a strong planner, come up with some plot hooks, storylines, or characters that you can use to help keep your Player's in action and keep the game moving. Remember, never rely solely on one plot, as PCs should be free to explore the world at random. Some DMs prefer to mostly wing it at the table, and if so, just think of some base ideas to at least get your players talking together and initiate the first encounter. If all goes well, the rest should do itself.

Choose where in Valgora to begin[edit]

Before the first dice is rolled, a good player should have a character concept. When you begin recruiting for your campaign, you should be able to provide a general background so that the characters know certain things. Valgora provides players with a vast array of concepts to run with. Generally, you should know what part of Valgora you wish to start your campaign in. The adventuring party should have a home within reasonable distance to the starting area (Starting at level one but saying you've already traveled the entire globe seems odd). Read up on the lands of Valgora and decide where you wish to have your setting begin.

Player Character Building[edit]

Begin by explaining the general basic of Valgora to your players. If a player asks about what setting the campaign is in, you can tell him/her something along the lines of "This game is running in Valgora. A typical medieval fantasy setting with a strong roleplaying emphasis. You'll be starting in [your starting region here - for example: Talara], a peaceful island City-State with strong ties to the shipping industry." This allows your player to get a vague idea of where they are playing and allow them to begin a character concept, while not giving away any plot details. This small amount of information may allow a player to come up with a backstory ("My character is a lower-class son of a dock worker, looking to do more with his life than his father"), and get the gears of the character creation process moving.

Character Introduction[edit]

Decide how you intend for your characters to meet. Maybe they were all drafted or of age to join the local militia or guard and meet at boot camp. Perhaps they are all University Students sharing the same Dorm. Even a seemingly coincidentally timed Tavern visit can bring PCs face to face for the first time.

Begin your Campaign[edit]

At this point the players should be your main focus, and the world should shape around them. Alter any Valgorian details to meet you and your player's needs, and remember: Have Fun!

Understanding Valgora[edit]

As DM, there is an amazingly large amount of knowledge that no one person can remember that you're expected to know. Sometimes, small setting-specific questions arise from your players ("How cold is it out here during this season?" or "Who is the cute barmaid"). Sometimes just a quick on-spot impromptu answer can settle these questions, yet on other occasions you can provide a more in-depth world by expanding upon the information provided to the player's about the world they live in.

Provide your characters with the regional names of the days of the week or the month (The Valgoran Calendar is the same as earth's, just different names. Remember this and your life will be easy.) With a good enough knowledge (local) check, tell your players the history of Costea Musat, the shaman head of state for the Ghikvan state of Quaristan. Use the categorized information below to help you in this deed:

Valgorian Leaders & Legends[edit]

Knowing whose in charge can help player's get a grasp of their surroundings (and try to climb the social ladder a bit). Below is a chart of the regional leaders and local legends and what your player's know about them depending on their Knowledge (local) check.

Table: Valgorian Leaders & Legends[edit]
or Organization
Leader Race Class Alignment Knowledge (local) 15
20 25 30
Blüdfrost Head of State Vladmir 'Ice' Aristarkh Human Swashbuckler CG A fisherman-turned politician, Vladmir serves from the capital of Cape Beckon He received the nickname Ice because of his ability to swim in the cold coastal waters He constantly rallies the Allied Parliament to ensure that the economic prosperity of his country's fishing is good. His only child, Anna Maria Aristarkh is a celebutaunte of the state, and posters of her can be found in ship cabins around the region.
Cape Myst His Majesty the right Honorable Brill Saxton Gnome Sorceror CG King Saxton is a funloving and adventurous king He is currently in his seventh year as king The tragic death of his father at sea has left him shaken as of late Since his father's death, he is fearful of the sea and refuses to step into it.
Carallion War Lord Kell Human Fighter LG A lifetime military man, Kell keeps every detail of his country in order He never gives out information about himself from his time before joining the service He is embarrassed by his non-military upbringing Born Barthelomew Arthur Kell to civilian parents.
Centrasotta Prime Minister Sharon Musatiton Halfling Ranger CN Sharon enjoys a nomadic lifestyle The only female head of state Is a distant relative to the ruling Musats of Quaristan Troubled love life, very lonely
Drella Leonistine Chief Xindel-Leone Kobold Warlock TN A shrewd businessman with his own interests at heart Rules through fear and propaganda Nervous of the Allied Parliament Jealous of Kennett & Ko
Drexsistan Lord Valormark Human Paladin/
Soldier of Light
LG A noble knight who wishes for peace and prosperity Member of the Order of Vargach Rumored to be on the Round Table for the Order Wishes to find an heir to his title so that he may retire and serve his God in another capacity
Finlay King Magre Bronzesteel Dwarf Barbarian CG Beloved King and Partygoer Has multiple wives whose names he can't remember Restructured the national workdays to add drinking breaks. Was beat in a drinking contest once by Dewey Solitude
Fritzstland President Barvan Bane Elf Bard CG Nicknamed BB by his citizens A bachelor playboy of epic proportions No lame duck, BB is very active in the Allied Parliament Has become the de facto go-to man for King Delpear in the Parliament.
Galvland Chief Kruak Magim Centaur Fighter LN Wishes to rid the world of Centaur stereotypes Secretly implementing weapons factories to seek revenge for stereotypes His son is currently involved in a political sex scandal The scandal was actually not his sons, but his, but his son took the heat for political reasons.
Harkinshire Gnorman Krinkles, Earl of Rivington Gnome Rogue CG Earl Gnorm in the press Huge fan of the Rivington Rollers Has an office in Coilspring for "vacations" Building his own business in Coilspring and attempting to open up a hockey franchise there as owner
Holnstead Chieftain Teraul Stouthoof Minotaur Barbarian CN Teraul represents the Stouthoof tribe that has always ruled Holnstead Has no son and is old, and as such this is causing political concerns on who will rule His daughter Veronice is campaigning for her husband to rule Tensions are high as each tribe positions itself in hopes of gaining rule
Kingdom of Ghikva King Uron Delpear the Third Black Dragon Sorceror LN Called Uron the Black by his constituents Relationship with son Drubai is highly strained Recently removed his son from the palace residence of the family Son Drubai is in cahoots with Prince Thraun of Malsivir, and building an army in the Frell Mtns. to overthrow his father.
Lockeport Unknown leader, represented in the Senate by Wrestin Feathermoore Elf Wizard LN The country sealed itself off suddenly and only Wrestin has ever came out publicly since The official country name is Alda Marillion, but most call it Lockeport due to it's sealed in status Capital is assumed to be Venwe The Lockeport Rangers that can be seen guarding the wall are considered some of the world's best marksmen.
Mollarok Alezander Droven Halfling Priest LG The Twenty Seven Monastaries of Mollarok are autonomous in all but name Alezander leads the civilian population and represents them The state's civilian population is less than 10 percent, the rest residing within the monostaries. Droven is officially the leader, but answers to dwarven monk Brother Razheen
North Zineland Stuart Ridok Redbeard Dwarf Paladin LG Leads from the mountain capital of Stormforge Member of the Order of Vargach Sends son Aiden to represent the state in the Allied Parliament Is secretly preparing to make son Stuart and retire
Order of Vargach War Lord Azule StrongArm Half-Orc Soldier of Light CG Resides on Talara Would rather venture to every disturbance personally Feels personal pain when an Order member dies in duty Is secretly a Demigod
Quaristan State Shaman Costea Musat Orc Shaman CG Reclusive leader of state Does not fret over national issues much Secretly hates the secession of Fritzstland Jealous of Barvan Bane's cult of personality amongst his people
Rendigo Head Duke Flux Flux Flux The dukes of Rendigo counties elect a Head Duke The Head Duke represents the state in the Allied Parliament New Dukes go by Head Duke, never their name Current Head Duke was formerly Waldo Rogers
South Zineland Duke Kilrey Longtail Kobold Rogue LN Elected leader of the country Lame Duck figurehead with no real power The country answers to Kennet & Ko, who employs most the country at the Mines and Quarry Kennet & Ko Knight Kobolds give Kilrey directions
Talara Martiver Caex Human Sorceror LG The reclusive member of the House of Caex Seems to be up to something more than the public notices Plotting to unroot the Radiant Dragons Secretly evil and planning to take over as King
Uriktar King Genivious Red Dragon Sorceror LN King for several centuries Son Thraun influences his father's policy making more annually Unknowingly a pawn to his son Son is currently planning an aggressive overthrow and expansion
Vren Drux Count Duncan Von Trisk Alleged Human Wizard TN The rarely-seen totalitarian leader Uses common man John Harkinger to relay information to the public Seems to be more active at night Could be the world's first decent vampire
Weinderston CEO Eerly Weinstein Goblin Rogue CG A businessman first, then a ruler Has yet to see a quarterly report in the negative Richest Goblin in the World Wishes to expand his borders on both sides to allow urban growth
Yrengia War Chief Rual Saurfang Orc Fighter CN A short-tempered ruler Still bears scars from the Yrengian-Holnstead Battles Personally executed a chief from each Minotaur Clan Misses the battlefield, would use shady tactics to reignite the war

Valgorian Weather by Country[edit]

The climate experiences of your players depend on their location in the Valgoran world. The chart below gives the typical expectations for the weather when traveling in certain regions during each season.

Table: Valgorian Weather[edit]
Country Record High Record Low Common Storms Worst Season Spring
Summer Fall Winter
Bludfrost 26 degrees -167 degrees Hurricanes Winter Cold Extremely Chilly Cold Unbearably Freezing
Cape Myst 104 degrees 42 degrees Hurricanes Spring Warm Casually Hot Warm Slightly Chilly
Carallion 98 degrees 12 degrees Thunderstorms Fall Room Temperature Warm Slightly Chilly Heavy Coat Weather
Centrasotta 102 degrees 8 degrees Tornados Summer Luke Warm Mildly Hot Slight Chill Windy Cold
Drella Leonistine 114 degrees 22 degrees Coastal Storms Summer Warm Uncomfortably Hot Warm Very Chilly
Drexsistan 92 degrees -3 degrees Winter Mountain Snowstorms Slightly Chilly Luke Warm Cold Freezing Snowstorms
Finlay 124 degrees 24 degrees Late Winter Heatwaves Warm Very Hot Warm Slight Chill
Fritzstland 96 degrees 4 degrees Early Fall Jungle Storms Warm Hot Chilly uncomfotably Cold
Galvland 102 degrees 11 degrees Winter Sandstorms Very Warm Uncomfortably Hot Slight Chill Cold
Harkinshire 96 degrees 34 degrees Spring Coastal Storms Warm Warm Warm Slight Chill
Holnstead 102 degrees 11 degrees Late Fall Tornados Very Warm Uncomfortably Hot Slight Chill Cold
Kingdom of Ghikva 107 degrees -17 degrees Late Winter Thunderstorms Warm Hot Slight Chill Cold to Freezing Cold
Lockeport Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mollarok 92 degrees -3 degrees Winter Mountain Snowstorms Slightly Chilly Luke Warm Cold Freezing Snowstorms
North Zineland 96 degrees 34 degrees Spring Coastal Storms Warm Warm Warm Slight Chill
Quaristan 96 degrees 4 degrees Early Fall Jungle Storms Warm Hot Chilly uncomfotably Cold
Rendigo 107 degrees -4 degrees Late Spring Tornados Warm Hot Slight Chill Cold to Freezing Cold
South Zineland 96 degrees 34 degrees Spring Coastal Storms Warm Warm Warm Slight Chill
Talara 96 degrees 34 degrees Spring Coastal Storms Warm Warm Warm Slight Chill
Uriktar 98 degrees 12 degrees Thunderstorms Fall Room Temperature Warm Slightly Chilly Heavy Coat Weather
Vren Drux 42 degrees 21 degrees Coastal Storms Early Fall Chilly Slightly Chilly Cold Uncomfortably Cold
Weinderston 96 degrees 11 degrees Fall Heavy Polluted Rainfall Warm Warm Slight Chill Cold
Yrengia 106 degrees 11 degrees Late Spring Tornados Very Warm Uncomfortably Hot Slight Chill Cold

Valgorian Races by Country[edit]

Knowing what race is more predominant can decide your party's travel plans (its never a good idea for comrades to lead their friendly ranger into a country filled with his favored enemy). Below is a chart of racial demographics by Country. Once again, make your players roll a knowledge (local) check so that they earn the information.

Table: Valgorian Demographics[edit]
Country Predominant Race Second Populous Race Third Populous Race Fourth Populous Race Major Monster Race
Peaceful Indifferent
Blüdfrost Humans Ice Dwarfs Halflings Orcs Giants Storm Giants Cloud Giants Half Giants
Cape Myst Halflings Humans Elves Gnomes Subaquan Humanoids Some Atlantean Sea Elves Some Atlantean
Carallion Humans Dwarfs Orcs Ogres Drow Most Drow Domesticated Drow Underbrow Village Drow
Centrasotta Elves Humans Halflings Centaur Giants Hill Giants Cloud Giants Half Giants
Drella Leonistine Kobolds Goblins Gnomes Halflings Subterrain Humanoids International Thieve's Guild Members Kennet & Ko Kobolds Independently Contracted Kobolds
Drexsistan Humans Dwarfs Elves Minotaurs Evil Humanoids Sethil Cult Members Nestor Parrisioners Rogues
Finlay Dwarfs Humans Halflings Gnomes Duergars Dark Iron Clan Domesticated Duergar Wild Hammer Clan
Fritzstland Elves Humans Gnomes Hill Dwarfs Trolls Jungle Trolls Domesticated Trolls Darktusk Trolls
Galvland Centaurs Halflings Elves Humans Trolls Prarie Trolls Domesticated Trolls Darktusk Tribe Trolls
Harkinshire Gnomes Halflings Dwarfs Goblins Kobolds Wild Kobolds Kennet & Ko. Kobolds Vacationing Drella Leoninstine Kobolds
Holnstead Minotaurs Humans Halflings Centaurs Orcs Yregian Orcs Runeclan Orcs Half Orcs
Kingdom of Ghikva Black Dragons Humans Other Dragons Dwarfs Duergars Dark Iron Clan Domesticated Duergar Wild Hammer Clan
Lockeport Elves Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mollarok Elves Humans Orcs Half Elves Evil Humanoids Sethil Cult Members Nestor Parrisioners Rogues
North Zineland Kobolds Goblins Humans Gnomes Greedy Humanoids International Thieve's Guild Members Politicians Rogues
Quaristan Humans Orcs Half Orcs Halflings Greedy Humanoids International Thieve's Guild Members Politicians Rogues
Rendigo Dwarfs Halflings Humans Elves Wild Beasts Rendigo Resevoir Beasts Domesticated Beasts Natural Beasts
South Zineland Kobolds Goblins Humans Gnomes Greedy Humanoids International Thieve's Guild Members Politicians Rogues
Talara Humans Elves Dwarfs Halflings Pirates International Thieve's Guild Members Sea Elves Atlantean Naval Force
Uriktar Red Dragons Kobolds Humans Elves Orcs Bloodcrow Clan Orcs Yrengian Orcs Half Orcs
Vren Drux Vampiric Humans Vampiric Elves Lycanthrip Humans Humans Vampire Hunters Rygarian Order Members Human Women Order of Vargach
Weinderston Goblins Kobolds Gnomes Halflings Greedy Humanoids International Thieve's Guild Members Politicians Rogues
Yrengia Orcs Trolls Humans Dwarfs Minotaurs Holnist Minotaurs Tremtotem Clan Minotaurs Half Minotaurs

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