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If you are inclined to add creatively to Valgora please feel free to do so. Countries are pretty well fleshed out, but small towns within each country could be added (in keeping with the theme and locals of the country is possible). Organizations such as guilds or religious groups can be added relatively easily. NPCs of reasonable appropriateness are always appreciated.

The pantheon is set (in progress as far as being on D&Dwiki), and so are the continents. However, adding "undiscovered-by-the-known-world" continents for additional optional material is a great way to add your own flavor without taking away from the provided content.

If you seek any assistance or have questions regarding the appropriateness of what you wish to add, just seek out User:Hooper, the Valgorian representative on the D&Dwiki and he'll gladly help out.

If you wish to try out some items or additions, use the Valgora Sandbox.

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