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Advice on Character Creation[edit]

Valgora is only what you make it...and what it makes of you. Your character will be your connecting point into a world of amazement and adventure. Take a few steps during character creation to ensure that you'll be living your Valgorian life to the max.

Take Advice[edit]

When creating your characters, you should understand what type of characters that the Dungeon Master wants in his game. This will help the DM get the genre and feel that he wants to present in the game. You will also create a character appropriate to the game before you. This should be your first step before deciding anything about your character.

Act Heroic[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons is an action oriented game. Your character will face a myriad of dangers. Your character must be willing to face those dangers. It is up to you to find that motivation for your character. Not all said dangers happen in battle, and keep this in mind when building your soon-to-be-hero.

Focus on the Party[edit]

The Valgorian world is extremely large for a party of adventurers to go trouncing through, and even larger for just one person. Remember that your success can only be calculated in your party's overall success. Help others, help yourself, form bonds.

Back Story[edit]

Some back story is good for the character. Too much back story leaves your character nowhere to grow. The best back story is one that helps define your character, but still leaves you room to develop your character. Read up (or ask your Dungeon Master) about the Valgorian setting so you can have some grasp of where your character grew up and the environment he was nurtured in.

Character Options[edit]

Here you'll find options, such as skills, feats, and classes, that your character can use in a Valgorian campaign.

Birth Feats[edit]

Hearty travelers hailing from Holnstead always seem to have an amazing level of physical prowess - even spell casters, and it seems like every native of Weinderston has a knack for economics, regardless of their professions. Adventurers exploring the vast lands of Valgora possess a little specialized training or indoctrinated ability or knack for something relative to the lands in which they grew up. Every Valgorian Birth Feat follows the rules of the Player's Handbook, but also posses two additional prerequisite each: the player character must born in a particular Valgorian Country and the feat must be taken at character creation as a first level feat. If the feat does not require being selected at character creation, it will state so in the Special field - but any feat that does not state that should be treated as being required at character creation.

For a listing of all Valgorian Birth Feats, please click here.


Players are allowed all the classes found in the Player's Handbook, and any other supplemental materials that their respective dungeon master may allow. However, the following classes are flavored and based particularly on the Valgorian world, and as such may be a viable choice for the player.

Cavalier - Mounted Combat classes for regional-specific cavalry units
Atlantean Cavalier (aquatic regions of Valgora)
Blüdfrost Cavalier (cold northern country of Blüdfrost)
Rendigo Cavalier (deep jungles of Rendigo)
Thrallian Cavalier (hot desert on the Island of Hesjing)

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