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I need to have these requisition forms for new drillheads down to Regenia in accounting by 5
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Mighty mages and respected wizards the world over have learned to bend the arcane to their will. Player characters traveling through the lands should be weary of such sorcerers, and some should learn to wield the power them self.

Valgora Specific Spells[edit]

Brimir's Bite
Imbues the target with qualities like that of the King of the Lycanthropes
Frostfrail Haze
A spell mastered by the great northerners to use the climate to their advantage
Grendale's Breath
A blast of fire called forth from the powers of the Fire-God Grendale

Standard Spells[edit]

For a listing of standard spells a player may wish to call upon, click here. Please keep in mind that some of these may be unknown to your Dungeon Master, and you should seek his approval on any spell in your arsenal.

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