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Hey, I'm a guy, and I love D&D 4e and to make homebrew stuff. Once I get started I just keep going until I've realized 3 days have passed and it's 4 A.M. in the morning. O_O

Random things[edit]

I've developed 3 New properties for 4e weapons! This is mostly for myself, so I remember.

Half-swording- You lose the reach property but gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls.

Cumbersome-You can treat the weapon as a one-handed weapon, however you take a -1 penalty to attack rolls when using the weapon in this manner (alternatively, you reduce the weapon proficiency value by one).

Powerful- You increase the damage of the weapon by 1 per rating (powerful 1, powerful 2 etc.)

Half Swording: You can do more damage at close ranges when you have a better handle on the weapon, allowing you to switch between reach and melee atacks. However, it still isn't quite as powerful as weapon's designed for a singular role. For instance, if you do d12 damage and you go up to doing 7.5 damage, that's still less than the Brutal 2 Executioner's axe which also gets High-crit, or Mordenkrad with 8 damage. While alternatively you could just switch weapons and have, two weapons, this allows both in one.

Cumbersome: Sort of the reverse of Versatile. I feel it allows you to switch weapons a bit easier, and unlike versatile it's pinned more so on accuracy. Not only do they tend to switch more readily, such as going from a D10 to a D6 etc., but it's based on the fact that the weapon's are harder to control. Essentially, you can't really hit any harder with the weapon by using two-hands, as in, increase the damage. But you do have less control over the weapon, since it's less balanced. So, you lose accuracy with it. But it's still as heavy and as powerful, just harder to wield.

Powerful: Fairly straight forward. Like Brutal but, more powerful. You increase the damage by 1. So, if you wanted to have a weapon that did an average damage of 6.5, but you were using a D10, you could make it powerful 1, to do an average damage of D10 + 1. Mind you, this is for weapon damage and not as a +1 bonus to damage rolls. So, if you did 2[W], it would be 2[D10+1] for 2D10+2 total damage, and so on.

Sanctioned: If the target is sanctioned, it can't fly, hover, swim, jump or climb. If they move, they take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, and grant combat advantage.

One ongoing effect I've made is "Sanctioned". If the target is sanctioned, it can't fly, hover, swim, jump or climb. If they move, they take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, and grant combat advantage. The main idea with the power is sort of like a mark, that if the creature moves it takes penalties, vs. if the creature targets another creature other than you. It also inhibits movement, forcing them to stay still. It's situationally useful, being very effective against creatures which move in particular ways, grounding flying or hovering creatures, or against creatures that need to move. It is possible the effect has no effect on a creature that stands still and is on solid ground.

Stuff I've worked on[edit]

-Death Knight (4e Class), Death Knight Minions (4e Creature)
-Death Knight (Psionic), Death Knight (4e Class Variant) (Under construction!)
-Crusader, Paladin (4e Class Variant)
-Zealot, Paladin (4e Class Variant)
-Necromancer, Warlock (4e Class Variant), Necromancer Minions (4e Creature)
-Dragoon, Fighter (4e Class Variant)
-Warrior, Fighter (4e Class Variant)
-Demon Hunter (4e Class) (Under construction!)
-Hunter, Shaman (4e Class Variant) (Under construction!)
-Prophet, Cleric (4e Class Variant) (Under construction!)
-Soldier, Fighter (4e Class Variant)(Under construction!)

-Blood Elf (4e Race)
-Dark Elf (4e Race)
-Night Elf (4e Race)
-High Elf (4e Race)
-Half-Elf, 2nd Variant (4e Race)
-Draco-Elf (4e Race)
-Dragonborn (4e Racial Trait Variant), (Under construction!)
-Human, (4e Racial Trait Variants)
-Dragonborne (4e Race)
-Draenei (4e Race) (Under construction!)
-Krokul (4e Race)
-Orc, 2nd Variant (4e Race)
-Uruk-Hai (4e Race)
-Goblin-Orc (4e Race)
-Goblin, Variant (4e Race)
-Fel Orc (4e Race)
-Troll (4e Race)
-Argonian (4e Race)
-Minotaur (4e Racial Trait Variant)
-Goliath (4e Racial Trait Variant)
-Æsir (4e Race) (Under construction!)

Themes, backgrounds, paragon path, Epic Destinies
-Undead (4e Theme)
-Dragonborne (4e Theme)
-Breath of Arkhosia (4e Theme), (Dragonborn), (Under construction!)
-Werewolf (4e Theme) (Under construction!)
-Argent Dawn (4e Theme)
-Necron (4e Theme)
-Thaalserean Unborn (4e Paragon Path)
-Death Knight, Variant (4e Paragon Path), (Paladin)
-Unholy Knight (4e Paragon Path), (Death Knight)
-Fury (4e Paragon Path), (Demon Hunter)

-Macuahuitl (4e Equipment)
-Macana Mace (4e Equipment)
-Macana Spear (4e Equipment)
-Dagger-Axe (4e Equipment)
-Claymore (4e Equipment)
-Katana (4e Equipment)
-Kanabō (4e Equipment)
-Gladius (4e Equipment)
-Uruk-Hai Pickaxe (4e Equipment)
-Falx (4e Equipment)
-Elven Longbow (4e Equipment)
-Articulated Plate Armor (4e Equipment)
-Gambeson (4e Equipment)

-Martial Expertise (4e Feat), (Barbarian, Armor)
-Obelisk (4e Feat), (Hunter, Totem)
-Totem Master (4e Feat), (Hunter, Totem)
-Tainted Blood (4e Feat), (Demon Hunter)
-Demon Sense (4e Feat), (Demon Hunter)
-Miyamoto Musashi (4e Feat), (Katana)
-(Domain) Power of Vengeance (4e Feat), (Divine)
-Kenjutsu (4e Feat), (Martial, Katana)
-Pachamama Inti (4e Feat), (Macana Mace and Macuahuitl)
-Tribal Mastery (4e Feat), (Half-orc, Orc, Troll)
-Savage Mastery (4e Feat), (Half-orc, Orc, Troll)
-Orcish Vitality (4e Feat), (Orc)
-Uruk-Hai (4e Feat), (Orc)
-Unnatural Vitality (4e Feat), (Half-Orc)
-Leviathan (4e Feat), (Fel Orc)
-Kargath Cultist (4e Feat), (Fel Orc)
-Thane Blood (4e Feat), (Fel Orc)
-Goblin Weapon Proficiency (4e Feat), (Goblin-Orc, Goblin)
-Goblin Skulk (4e Feat), (Goblin)
-Tears of Scarlet (4e Feat), (Blood Elf)
-Scarlet Mantle (4e Feat), (Blood Elf)
-Argent Swarm (4e Feat), (High-Elf)
-Elven Accuracy (4e Feat), (High-Elf)
-Empowered Breath (4e Feat), (Dragonborn)
-Dragonborn Senses (4e Feat), (Dragonborn)
-Dragon Heart (4e Feat), (Dragonborn)
-Thrill of Victory (4e Feat), (Æsir)
-Radiant Aura (4e Feat), (Æsir)
-Divine Fury (4e Feat), (Æsir)
-Light's Perseverance (4e Feat), (Human)
-Poison Claws (4e Feat), (Argonian)
-Frenzied Beserker (4e Feat), (Minotaur)
-The Beast Within (4e Feat), (Minotaur)
-Radiant Blast (4e Feat), (Draenei)
-Dark Iron Dwarf (4e Feat), (Dwarf)
-Duergar Weapon Proficiency (4e Feat), (Dwarf)

-Crusader's Strike (4e Power)
-Crusader's Wrath (4e Power)

- Inherent Magical Item Bonuses (4e Variant Rule)
- Racial Ability Mechanics (4e Variant Rule)

Talks about stuff[edit]

My opinion or thought process on various things.

Death Knight: The purpose of the Death Knight essentially was to be a melee, heavy armor striker who wasn't dependent on charge spamming, to counter the monotony of many of the 4e classes. In a way, it could be thought of as a less specialized replacement to the barbarian, with roughly on par damage to the rogue or ranger but less health and defenses than the Barbarian. They as well use a minion to do damage which, ultimately is designed to provide an extra dimension not really seen in 4e classes. It's also just a fun dark or shadow themed class, and is another divine striker to compete with the avenger.

Warrior: The concept of the warrior is very similar to the Death Knight, a non-charging spamming melee striker with heavy armor. The idea is essentially replace the fighter with a more striker oriented, generic martial warrior stand in, who does a decent amount of damage to compete with the rogue or ranger. It gives more variety and allows for a heavy armor class to be used as a striker. While the beserker or barbarian do fill the role, they do so in a nice way using two-handed weapons, where as the Warrior is intended to use a shield, to dual wield, use two-handed weapons or other weapons.

Zealot: like the warrior and Death Knight, only flavored for holy purposes and with healing powers. Basically a striker version of the paladin, with less health.

Necromancer: The necromancer is designed as a way to add secondary creatures as a class construct, and to essentially boost the warlock's damage to being on par with other strikers. 4e arcane strikers are incredibly weak in the game, and targeting reflex doesn't really compensate for this given that rogues also target reflex, and rangers do a lot more damage on average. The idea is to essentially make a warlock competitive with other strikers, and fullfill a shadow-oriented class niche for the game.

Crusader: A variation of the divine striker, the general idea is to provide an essentials divine striker, especially other than the avenger. With the avenger being a bit anemic, the crusader provides an option for divine strikers, of which there is only one otherwise in the main game. The Crusader is a bit weaker than other essential class strikers, such as the Hunter, and is roughly on par with the slayer. The average damage of the Crusader is a maximum of 20 damage, with a +1 bonus to hit and a -1 penalty to the enemy's defenses (or essentially, a +2 bonus to hit). This is slightly less than a ranger or rogue, and is less than the Scout at 31 average damage, but is counter balanced by their high defenses and health, which is roughly on par with a defender. They also have special controller like abilities.

Dragoon: A way to make the fighter more controller oriented, rather than defender oriented. A fun theme for a class and also a martial controller, which there are very few of.

Demon hunter: Essentially both a melee and ranged striker, with two attack types instead of being limited only to one. A little weaker than most strikers with a ton more utility powers. Uses a ki focus to simplify the need for the different benefits to different types of attack, like magic items or expertise feats.

Hunter, Shaman: A version of the shaman that doesn't summon an animal, but focuses on mystical spells and powers and also totems and group-buffs.

Soldier: A controller like martial leaders that can use a very wide variety of different weapons. Or a melee striker, with traditional fighter capabilities.

Prophet: A leader which uses dexterity, and is probably both primal and divine, sort of how other races like the Beserker are primal and martial. Sort of has an aztec or inca vibe, like jungle oriented.

Orc: A way to have a more powerful variant of the half-orc, who is also more oriented for traditional warrior roles, such as the paladin, cleric or fighter. Not completely set in stone in any of their attributes.

Dragonborn: I've always thought that the Dragonborn was a really fun race but rather limited in what they can do. My goal is to enhance what a Dragonborn can do in some way to make their effect's more persistent without fundamentally changing their design, which is very hard to do, and I'm not entirely sure how to do.

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