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Elven Accuracy [Heroic]

You may replace a use of one of your racial encounter powers with the 'Elven Accuracy' power. In addition, you may take the highest of either result with this power.
Prerequisite: Draco-Elf, High-elf, Half-elf, Elf, Eladrin, Blood-elf
Benefit: Given your recent ancestry to elves, you often can manifest powers or abilities they tend to have, with the right training. As a result, when you would ordinarily use a racial encounter power, you may instead replace it with a use of the "Elven Accuracy" power. Further, you may take feats or other features that apply to this power as if you were an elf without restriction, however you must meet the other prerequisites. In addition, the power is enhanced, which allows you to take the highest of either roll, rather than the 2nd if it is lower. If you already have the Elven Accuracy power, than instead you may replace the text with the following, and use the highest of either result,

Elven Accuracy Elf Racial Power
With an instant of focus, you take careful aim at your foe and strike with the legendary accuracy of the elves.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You roll an attack roll
Effect: Reroll the attack roll. You may use the highest of either roll result.

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