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Leviathan [Fel Orc]

Your reverence towards your Fel Orc origins results in an absolutely massive size, unaturally created by the legion's hellfire. Your ability to carry heavy objects is improved, and you are treated as if one size larger.
Benefit: You hold a special reverence towards Kargath Bladedfist, an original Fel Orc leader, over 1000 years old and standing over 10 feet tall, who present when the Fel Orc's were originally cursed, creating your bloodline. Like him, you have learned to tap in to the extra dimensional powers, unnaturally increasing your size, and potentially lengthening your age, giving you tremendous capabilities. You are treated as if you are on size larger in all respects (however, you are still medium size, and only take up one square), and increase your reach by 1 and can wield weapons one size larger than ordinary, which deal more damage. So, if you were to for example utilize a Bastard sword that was one size larger than ordinary, it could go from a D12 to a 2d6 in damage, or for example a Mordenkrad it would go from 2d6 to 2d8 in damage, by increasing one size in damage. You may also wield two-handed weapons as if they are one-handed weapons.
Given your massive proportions, you also possess an unnatural strength. You can move at your normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by a heavy load. Other effects that limit speed (such as difficult terrain or magical effects) affect you normally. When determining your normal load, heavy load, or maximum drag load, treat your Strength score as 5 points higher.

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