Elven Longbow (4e Equipment)

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Elven Longbow

Superior Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Elven Longbow +3 1d10 30/60 50 gp 4 lb Bow Load free

The Elven Longbow is carefully and intricately crafted, being smaller and less powerful than the Greatbow, but far more accurate, making it well suited to play to the Elves' strengths. The wood is carefully chosen and press fit together to form a composite bow of several wood types, and the string and bow are both bathed in grease for an extremely long time to impregnate the wood, which protects it from harm from the elements and especially water, and makes the wood more pliable and thus less likely to break. The wood is less likely to expand and shrink in different temperatures or humidity levels, allowing it to maintain it's accuracy. Most Elven longbows also feature intricate ornamental etchings as a part of their sophisticated structure, however these rarely aid the Bow in any serious practical way.

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