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Superior Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Kanabō +3 2d4 40 GP 8.5 lb Mace, Hammer Powerful 2

A large wooden or iron shaft, covered in small protruding iron studs, designed to help get a better grip on the target to prevent deflecting blows and deliver a higher force to a smaller area. They were known for being immensely powerful, and so large that they could ignore the effects of armor.

Powerful 2: The weapon possesses the "Powerful" property. With it, the weapon gains an automatic +1 bonus to damage per rating. So, the weapon would do 2D4 + 2 damage, or on a 2[W] attack, 2[2D4+2] or, 4D4+4 damage. This boosts the average damage to 7, and the minimum damage to 4.

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