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You possess latent, inherent lycanthropey, or the blessing, known by some as a curse, of the werewolf. Stories have existed for centuries about werewolves and their capabilities, and while werewolves vary depending on their type, these werewolves are shapeshifters, able to transform in to a man-wolf hybrid beast.


Any race can potentially be a werewolf, but generally only living creatures do so. As the form relies heavily on transformation in to a humanoid biological form, it is typically humanoid and biological creature, rather than artificial constructs (such as warforged or Sharmind) that take this form, however due to the magical nature of the transformation can apply even to non-biological creatures.

Class Prerequisites


Race Prerequisites

Any race can potentially be a werewolf, but generally only living creatures do so.


You possess latent werewolf Ancestry, and thus you are part wolf, granting you powers not otherwise ordinary of your race.

Associated Skill: Nature, Stealth

Starting Feature

Form of the Beast


For purposes of determining prerequisites, such as for feats or paragon paths, you are considered both a werewolf and your original race. You also gain a 2 additional healing surges. In addition to this, you gain the werewolf "Form of the Beast" racial power.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature

Heart of the Beast


Being a beast is a part of you, no matter what form you are in. You gain a +2 bonus to perception, insight and nature rolls, and any skill checks related to tracking. Furthermore, you have exceptionally keen senses, capable of tracking targets by smell, and gain darkvision and truesight out to 10 ranges.

Level 10 Feature

Invigorating form


You gain +5 extra bonus hitpoints. Furthermore when you are bloodied, you can shift in to your beast form as a free action.

Optional Powers

Form of the Beast Werewolf Utility 1
'You transform in the form of the beast, a primal and deadly werewolf form.'
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Beast, Polymorph
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You shift in to the form of the beast, taking on your true skin of a werewolf. While in the beast form, you gain a +1 bonus to speed, a +1 shield bonus to all defenses, and regeneration 1/2/3. Your unarmed attacks are treated as being weapons with a +3 bonus to proficiency and do 1d8 of damage, and qualify as magic weapons equal to your level. While in the beast form you can choose for any creature you target with an attack to become marked until the end of your next turn, and they take a -2 penalty to attack rolls that don't include you. While in the beast form, you may not wield weapons or implements, but you can still wear armor, or use other items. Your werewolf claws can be used in the place of ordinary weapons, in addition to unarmed attacks. You can shift out of your beast form as a free action, but may not reenter it unless another power permits you.

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Invigorating Fury Werewolf Utility 2
The thrill of battle invigorates you, with spilling blood only further increasing your determination to fight.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You shift in to your beast form.
Target: Self
Effect: When you shift in to your beast form, you gain temporary hitpoints equal to your healing surge value.

Blood of the Beast Werewolf Utility 6
The power of the beast is infused within you, giving you incredible power with each strike.
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: On your next successful attack, you can choose to do 1d8 extra damage, slow the target, and knock it prone.
Special: You may only use this power when in your beast form.

Way of the Beast Werewolf Utility 10
Despite your immense size and power, you are incredibly fast and agile, moving with blinding and practically unnatural speed.
Move Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: You may move your speed +1. While moving, you may move around corners, or through enemy spaces (although you may not remain there), although you incur an opportunity attack for doing so. You gain a +2 bonus to defenses against all opportunity attacks, and a +4 bonus to opportunity attacks when moving through an enemy space. In addition, you can climb or swim your speed, and do not need to make an athletics or acrobatics roll for doing so. You may use the move action in replace of the ordinary move action you would possess when charging or making a bull rush.
Special: This power may only be used when in beast form.

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