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Who am I?[edit]

Hello, my name is UnderKoopa757. I am a frequent D&D player, playing most often with my friend group. In said group, we have our own canon timeline and story that flows from campaign to campaign. As of now, I have 6 characters: Kafra, my idiotic human fighter who likes to "break physics," get with the ladies, and praise his pet baby wyvern, Soda, my blue dragonborn paladin Durizo, a part-time farmer devoted to the homebrew god of agriculture Akari (I won't make a wiki page for him), my variant tortle dragon mage Jha-Noor, an outcast of his hunting clan with no emotional attachments and even less of a palette refinement, Ceceere "Reddie" Rex, a lonely mime who was cursed at birth, and Jomsi, a sea elf multiclassing as a cleric-amalgam, chief holyman of his hometown and devotee of another homebrew god Yverlore the Mutator (also not gonna make a page). I am also a devout fan of several video game franchises, including Pokemon, UnderTale/Deltarune, Minecraft, Super Mario, Terraria, Mega Man, and Cuphead. I am also a mediocre Yugioh duelist with a DuelingNexus account of the same name.

What is my personality?[edit]

I am usually the "smart one" out of a group, with a deep wellspring of both (a little bit of) practical information and useless trivia. I am also known to be a bit of a grammar nazi, so don't even think about saying, "Your such a grammar nazi." I am very open to constructive criticism and tend to give it to others.

What do I do?[edit]

I am driven in my passion to create, whether drawing, writing, coding, composing, or adding lore and depth to my aforementioned characters. On my Scratch account listed below, I enjoy creating pixel art for the requests of others. I joined this wiki so that I could continue to find new ways to express my creativity and create homebrew content for D&D players like you to enjoy. Below is a list of the pages I have created.

What have I made on this wiki?[edit]

I will update this list whenever I create new homebrew content. If you have any questions, compliments, advice, or stories, you are more than welcome to let me know on my talk page or on the talk page of one of my homebrew creations on the list.

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How can you contact me?[edit]

My Scratch account of the same name as this one:

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