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Annoyingly Loud[edit]

So you want to be annoying without breaking a campaign. You could be a monk, I guess. But no one'll let you do that at your table. How about a non-intrusive way to be incredibly annoying to your party members (and potentially fire off some helpful or harmful effects)? Let's learn how to be annoyingly loud as possible with our character!

Yes, this is completely necessary to do. What's wrong, got better things to read?

The Setup[edit]

Our setup is quite simple. To be annoyingly loud as possible, let's pick the race who embodies an annoyingly loud animal: The kenku. We'll either put 1 level into cleric or get the Magic Initiate feat. Either way, we'll take the Thaumaturgy cantrip. We now have everything we need.

The Execution (of Everyone's Ears)[edit]

Now, let's get loud! First, cast Thaumaturgy and choose the voice amplification effect. We yell out whatever we want, then commit the sound to memory with our Mimicry trait. After that, we wait a minute for the spell to wear off, then cast it again with the same effects, and yell out the amplified sound we just committed to memory. Repeat, repeat. With each casting of Thaumaturgy, whatever we yelled out will be amplified by an additional three times, and since the spell is a cantrip, we can do this as many times as we want!

Potential Effects[edit]

So we've memorized a super loud sound or phrase. As long as it's less than a minute long, it's whatever we wanted it to be. For all I care, you can mimic the first minute of a bass-boosted Never Gonna Give You Up. This cosmetic effect isn't very helpful, but is it? And is it just cosmetic?

If we amplify the sound enough times, we can potentially deafen people with it, and/or inflict thunder damage. Thunder damage is the second-best damage type in the game, since only a very small few creatures resist or are immune to it, and a few (mostly homebrew) creatures are vulnerable to it; only force damage is better. Though this requires a DM ruling, and you'll suffer the effects yourself if you aren't protected, this is an effect you can not only produce at will, but also continuously amplify, limited only by time and how much your ears can take!

The Result[edit]

There we go, we now have an effect that can annoy the heck out of people, as well as potentially inflict some bonus conditions and damage, all at will! Did I waste your time on this build? I got better ones!

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