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Tortle Variant[edit]

By Yanied

The only race living in the vast, frozen emptiness of the Flaming Tundra, the fire-bellied tortles are one of the hardiest folk one could meet. Their skin is white as snow, with faint blue-white splotches all over their limbs and head. Their shells are a hard sapphire blue, with a much larger vertical protrusion at the top than most tortles. The front of their shell on their stomach fades into yellow, then red, hence the name. Their eyes glow a fiery orange-scarlet, and their front jaw hangs low on their face. They stand half a head shorter than most races. Although capable of procreation with other tortles, the fire-bellies live so far away from any other populations that they will almost never meet. It seems as though they were put onto the Flaming Tundra directly by a deity, a belief some hold to. Fire-bellied tortles live together in tribes without any major form of leadership, hunting just about any animals they can bring down and ice fishing for Flaming Tundra cod. The tribes are divided into 3 major classes: Hunters, who attack with their strength, trappers, who hunt with their cunning, and mages, who wield magic. Fire-bellies believe that everyone is born to die, a statement most true of the Flaming Tundra, and that the more honorable deeds a person does in life, the more their soul grows in power, and when it passes on into the next life, powerful souls become servants of the highest deities, and weak souls are destroyed from the journey. Perhaps to strengthen their souls in this manner, fire-bellies are easily willing to help any adventurers and explorers who enter the Flaming Tundra, but will turn on them quickly should they be offended or hindered. Like the beasts they hunt, fire-bellied tortles can breathe out flames to attack.

Design Note: The 3 fire-bellied tortle creatures (hunter, trapper, mage) have different abilities. This subrace has been watered down to make it less overpowered for players.

In addition to the traits you already possess, you gain these additional traits:

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution scores increase by 1 (this replaces your ASI).
Tundra Resilience. You are resistant to fire and cold damage. Additionally, you automatically succeed on all saving throws made against extreme cold.
Flame Breath. You know the fire bolt cantrip. Rather than your free hand, the flames spew from your mouth, and the attack is considered nonmagical. Wisdom is your spellcasting modifier for it.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Ignan (these replace your languages).

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