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Lantern Flower[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Lantern flower plants are small clusters of flowers and leaves, about 5 in / 12.7 cm in diameter. The flowers themselves are light yellow and resemble tulips. Inside the conical petals of the lantern flower, a watery, clear yellow oil is produced during bloom, which smells neutral. They dot the Flaming Tundra in occasional small groups, mostly on flatter areas.


Lantern flowers are sought out by fire-bellied tortles (and others who explore the Flaming Tundra) for their oil, but otherwise don't serve much purpose. As they are too adjusted to very cold climates, lantern flowers wilt and die quickly in warmer environments, and thus cannot be used for decoration.

Growth and Harvest[edit]

A lantern flower plant blooms in the summer, as well as late spring and early autumn. Once fully grown, flowers appear on the plant, which can be immediately harvested for oil. Severing the individual flower won't harm the plant (aside from reproduction), but tearing off too much of the lantern flower will make it harder for the stems and leaves to grow back.


Lantern flowers are not themselves edible. Ingesting the flower or the oil that comes from it can cause anal leakage, as the oil is not digestible. However, the leaves can be used to brew a mostly flavorless but soul-warming tea.

Other Common Uses[edit]

The oil of the lantern flower is flammable, but burns slowly and brightly, making it ideal for light sources. The flowers get their name from their use by native fire-bellied tortles as lamp fuel. Turning the flower with the conical petals facing downward and letting the flower sit will drain the oil over the course of several hours. 1 individual lantern flower produces 1/3 oz / 9 ml oil.

Lantern Flower Traits[edit]

Small, yellow flowers from the Flaming Tundra that secrete flammable oil.
Age. A lantern flower seed germinates after 3-7 days and matures after 1 year.
Size. 6 in / 15.2 cm in height

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