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Gas Grass[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

A blade of gas grass grows to about 1.5 - 3 in / 3.8 - 7.6 cm tall. The grass is a dull, mustardy green with light brown roots. Towards the top of each blade is a strange bulb-like growth, which houses both reproductive systems and flammable gas that the grass regularly produces, hence the name. Gas grass is incredibly widespread throughout the Flaming Tundra in which it exclusively grows, growing in large sporadic patches just beneath the snow, their tips barely reaching out of the winter blanket.


Gas grass is the backbone of the Flaming Tundra's ecosystem, providing food for every terrestrial herbivore that lives there. The gasses in the grass supplement the creatures' gas sacs used to produce heat. Whenever gas grass is exposed to flame, all inter-connecting blades will shoot up in short flames and go out just as quickly. As such, many Flaming Tundra-dwelling creatures purposefully ignite a gas grass patch as a frightful but otherwise harmless distraction.

Growth and Harvest[edit]

Gas grass grows and spreads just as quickly as ordinary grasses. If their bulbs are set alight, the grass will continue to grow, but become unable to reproduce.


Gas grass is nutritious, high in carbohydrates and healthy fat. However, a handful of gas grass itself provides only a tiny scrap of a meal for most humanoids. Additionally, consuming the grass releases the undigestible gasses into the eater's systems, and a creature without the proper gas sac (or a creature not native to the Flaming Tundra, rather) will experience painful flatulence about an hour after consumption.

Other Common Uses[edit]

Although weak, gas grass can be used as a rudimentary form of explosive for a signal. The blades can also be used in weaving, although they are short.

Gas Grass Traits[edit]

Short, hardy grasses from the Flaming Tundra that contain flammable gas in the blades' odd bulbs.
Age. A single gas grass seed germinates after 2-4 days and grows fully after 2-3 weeks.
Size. 1.5 - 3 in / 3.8 - 7.6 cm in height

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