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Flying Vehicles[edit]

In addition to more conventional vehicles, which travel along the earth or the sea, some cultures have discovered the secrets to take to the air. Whether by harnessing the wind, steampunk machinery, hot air, or magic, these additional vehicles can allow an adventurer to traverse the skies.

Wind-Powered Vessels. Hot air balloons and gliders travel with the wind. When calculating their speed, add the speed of the wind if the vehicle is traveling in the same direction.

Flying Vehicles
Item Cost Speed
Galleon Airship 75,000 gp 7 mph
Glider 5,000 gp 3 mph (descends 1/4 mi for every 3 mi traveled)
Hot Air Balloon 10,000 gp 1 mph
Small Airship 50,000 gp 5 mph
War Airship 90,000 gp 8 mph
Zeppelin 60,000 gp 6 mph

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