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Strange, Yet Familiar[edit]

Many of the monsters in the Shinobi World are larger or modified versions of animals in our own world. All traditional 5e miscellaneous creatures are available as well. When creating any creature, humanoid, beast or otherwise, use this preload. As a rule of thumb, all creatures that can speak a language can create clones of themselves for 2+ chakra that have 5 hit points and an equal amount of chakra points as chakra points spent and walk on vertical and liquid surfaces so long as they have chakra.

Design Note: CR for humanoid creatures is based on what level of PC they represent, rather than at what level a full party should be to equal them. For more information on this, see this discussion page.

Common Animals[edit]




Colossal Squid

Swarm of Shinobi Insects

Giant Creatures[edit]

Giant Owl

Giant Ant

Giant Ant Soldier

Giant Alligator

Giant Spider Wasp

Other Non-NPC Creatures[edit]




Summon-Exclusive Creatures[edit]

Sage Creatures[edit]

Across the Shinobi World, there are regions inhabited by creatures that have mastered the manipulation of senjutsu chakra, and thus Sage Mode. They are the source of all teachers of Sage Mode, and often act as summons for those they teach.

Toads of Mount Myoboku[edit]

Young Toad


Elder Toad

Snakes of Ryūchi Cave[edit]

Giant Snake


Elder Snake

Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest[edit]

Katsuyu, Minor


Other Sage Creatures[edit]

Monkey King Enma

Creature Overviews[edit]

Tailed Beasts

Lord Jashin

NPC Overviews[edit]

Shinobi are divided by rank based on skill between Genin, Chunin, Jonin, and Kage. When used in sorting, this ranking doesn't necessarily indicate that a particular humanoid is of that rank, but that they are comparable to that rank. In extreme cases, characters like Naruto Uzumaki only held the rank of Genin despite the skill to easily defeat most Kage. While indicated as Kage for brevity, the highest shinobi rank also includes Special Jonin and Jonin Commanders.

Generic Shinobi Overview

Leaf Shinobi Overview

Sand Shinobi Overview

Mist Shinobi Overview

Cloud Shinobi Overview

Stone Shinobi Overview

Sound Shinobi Overview

Other Land Shinobi

Rogue Nin Overview

Legendary Nin Overview

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