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Staff Rarity
Alexander Legendary
Angels Tear rare
Back-Step Scepter very rare
Behold legendary
Bolstering Staff very rare
Caduceus legendary
Cane of Earth-Shaking legendary
Darkstaff rare
Divining Staff varies
Draconic Magestaff legendary
Dragon Staff rare
Dreamwood Staff, Variant very rare
Dreamwood Staff rare
Eldritch Staff rare
Falcane uncommon
Fire Staff Uncommon
Gem Staff of the War Mage uncommon (0 gems), rare (1 gem), very rare (2 gems), or legendary (3 gems)
Glowstaff very rare
Graystaff very rare
Healing Stick uncommon
Ice Staff uncommon
Ice staff Uncommon
Imperial Archmage Helper very rare
Karsus’ Dream legendary
Lightning Staff Uncommon
Lucky Staff very rare
Navigator's Staff legendary
Palemoon Staff rare
Portal Staff Legendary
RhinoRoller Legendary
Runestaff rarity by staff
Saint's Staff rare
Sanguine Rose legendary
Scion Staff legendary
Skull of Corruption legendary
Spirit Scepter rare
Staff of Acid very rare
Staff of Altered Life Rare
Staff of Amplifying common
Staff of Beekeeping rare
Staff of Bones rare
Staff of Christmas Very Rare
Staff of Coldtouch rare
Staff of Death very rare
Staff of Draconic Mastery very rare
Staff of Earth very rare
Staff of Epic Earth Shift very rare
Staff of Explosion Legendary
Staff of Flame uncommon
Staff of Hades legendary
Staff of Icefire uncommon
Staff of Illusion very rare
Staff of Knowledge very rare
Staff of Light common
Staff of Location very rare
Staff of Marcus legendary
Staff of Protection uncommon
Staff of Prowess rare
Staff of Rebirth very rare
Staff of Rest Very Rare
Staff of Rings Very rare
Staff of Ruin legendary
Staff of Sacrifice legendary
Staff of Serpent Form very rare
Staff of Slime rare
Staff of Two Faces rare
Staff of Warding very rare
Staff of the Death Goddess legendary
Staff of the Desert rare
Staff of the Fool rare
Staff of the Giver very rare
Staff of the Seven Seas legendary
Staff of the Sun very rare
Stave of Spellcharge Item Dependent.
Sumroon rare
The Staff of Tzeentch Legendary
The Yin/Yang Legendary
Vanquishing Staff legendary
Vir Tasallan Very Rare
Voidkeeper Staff legendary
Wabbajack legendary
Warpwood Staff very rare

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