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Staff, very rare (requires attunement by a druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)

Once attuned and held the staff never appears to be in the owner's hand. It may or may not mimic the actions of the wielder. It can often appear as a different item.
The staff has 20 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC: color spray (1 charge), mirror image (2 charges), hypnotic pattern (3 charges), or phantasmal killer (4 charges).
In addition the staff of illusion can "carry" up to 3 major image spells. The carried spells move with the staff without costing the wielder or the caster any actions. While carried by the staff the spells always appear as gems despite what the staff's current appearance. It takes one action and uses one charge to pick up a major image spell with the staff. It takes one action and one charge to remove a major image from the staff. Once removed a major image spell will then appear exactly as it did before it was attached to the staff. The staff wielder may place the illusion anywhere within the limits of the spell.
The staff regains 1d8 + 2 minus the number of stored major image spells expended charges daily at dawn, thus it is possible that a staff fully laden with images might gain no charges. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff drops to the ground, disappears like a heat mirage, and is destroyed.

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