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Staff, legendary (requires attunement)

This magical staff appears as a rod of metal, topped with an orb, flanked by two wings, with a pair of ribbons flowing and twisting down around the shaft. While you are holding the staff, you can cast the haste spell and the fly spell three times a day each. The spell ends early if you release the staff.
As an action, you can turn the two ribbons attached to the head into a pair of small poisonous snakes. You have full control over these snakes, which obey your verbal commands. If you issue no commands to a snake, it defends itself but otherwise takes no actions. You can direct the snakes as you please, but they will always begin to slither their way back to the staff after 10 minutes. If either snake is killed, the ribbons on the staff immediately return, and the ability cannot be used again until the following day.

A caduceus.

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