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Staff, legendary (You must spend at least 1 hour and 12 levels worth of spell slots to attune to the Lich's Staff of Magic (Spell slots must be paid immediately and cannot be paid overtime. Other creatures may pay spell slots as well, but the staff will attune to the creature that paid the most spell slots.))

This staff and arcane focus is a source of magic to aid those that do not possess an infinite wellspring of magic. The creatures, attuned to the staff or not, can spend spell slots on the staff while touching it to store them. The maximum amount of spell slots that can be stored is equal to the attuned creature's Intelligence modifier times 4 (minimum 0). The attuned creature may use the stored spell slots instead their own. In addition, every dusk the Lich's Staff of Magic gains 1d4+half the attuned creature's Intelligence modifier spell slots (rounded down. If the result is negative, subtract the result from the spell slots stored. If the Lich's Staff of Magic reaches -5 spell slots or lower, the staff immediately puts a major curse on the attuned creature. If destroyed though means such as a Wish spell, then the creature that destroyed it get a major curse. Then roll on the wild magic surge table and that happens, with area effects centered on the staff. Effects that normally only target you targets every creature within 40 feet of the staff. Attacks that are rolled attack the attuned creature. Other results will be made negative by the discretion of the DM).

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