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Essential Races of Rom

Aiton Amazons: Wild human offshoot.
Aroghin: Isolated, grey, statuesque.
Granlings: Big, simple, cursed.
Darkkin: Dark World humans.
Deeka: Tall, white, motivated.
Ivories: Human/Deeka. LA +1
Ivory Elves: Elf/Deeka. LA +1
Durzites: Gnome-like. Spiny hair.
Malaquians: Tall, relaxed, amphibious.
Guromescai: Malaquian/merfolk.

Extra Races of Rom

Artaiads: Fey, have deer form.
Candothists: Reincarnated haunted souls.
Elnades: Healing water elementals. New
Geodes: Earth elemental boulders.
Mandrakes: Sour poisonous rootfolk. New
Mandragoras: Charming little rootfolk. New
Naiads: Fey, water nymphs.
Yearlings: Fey who live one year.


Siren Creature: Vicious evil mermaid.
Siren Warrior (3.5e NPC): Example NPC.
Gluttonous: LA0 Swallow Whole Template. (Needs Work)
Slothful: LA reduction. (Needs Work)


boiling sphere: A floating ball of boiling water. (Needs Work)
detect parentage: Parent/Child detection. (Needs Work)
pearl shape: Shape pearl into gear. (Needs Work)
pearl harden: Add hardness to pearl. (Needs Work)


Arm Guard: Armor variant. (Needs Work)
Electric Mandolin: Magical greatclub/mandolin.
Forged Sky: Ohmriel's sword. (Needs Work)
Goggles: They do nothing.
Golognorg: Best potion ever.
Goop: Tasty goo.
Gossamer: Fabric for armor-like clothes. Fire resistant.
Great Staff: A bigger, heavy quarterstaff.
Ooplaxii Marrow: Bear's Endurance, Fly, Expeditious Retreat.
Parempo: Metamagic extend potion.
Pearl: Aquatic adventurer material.
Potion of UnDeath: Sleep forever.
Power Potato: A magic potato... sign me up.
Lord of Ancient Ages: Ohmriel's armor.
LozoPozo Juice: Cures nausea and sickness.
Ring of Retributive Fireball: Explosive revenge.
Ring of the Early Riser: Get up early.
Royal Jelly: Enlarge, Spider Climb, Jump.
Shekel Ring: A gold ring worth 1sp. Wear it or spend it.
Spicy Peppers: Burning hot.
Sylvan Tea: Causes odd behavior. (Needs Work)
Tattoo Kit: For making tattoos.
True Love's Kiss: Restores with love. (Needs Work)


Deities of Rom (Needs Work)
Sosha Genia
Rom Pantheon 2: Sosha Orsa: Intermediate Deities. (Needs Work)
Rom Pantheon 3: Sosha Ixa, Celestial Lords, Sleeping God. (Needs Work)
  • Note: Add religious practices, holidays, and cultural significance.
  • Note: Split into separate articles.


The Dark World


Brew Archpotion: Add more spells to a single potion.
Clumsy Reflex: +4 on Reflex, -2 to all adjacent creature's Reflex saves.
Let Me Try: +2 on a skill after someone fails.
Shoop da Whoop: Convert a breath cone into a line. (Needs Work)

Class Feats

Grim Feats

Extra Transformation (3.5e Feat)
Extended Transformation (3.5e Feat)
Manifest Gate (3.5e Feat)
Manifest Rending Touch (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Focus (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Elemental Focus (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Elemental Focus, Improved (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Energy Focus (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Energy Focus, Improved (3.5e Feat)

Racial Feats

Elnade Feats

Boiling Waters New
Freezing Waters New
Vivacious Waters New

Succedaneum Feats

Crushing Slam
Hideous Screech
Improved Screech
Shattering Screech
Improved Night Form
Improved Soul Imprint
Shapechanger's Resilience
Strange Aura


Grim: Base Class. A supernatural transforming warrior. (Needs Work)
Ian Jackdaw: Grim level 8 NPC.

Grim Alterations

Add New Grim Alteration: Link to button page.
Grim Alterations: List of Grim Alterations.
Aura of Unease, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Aura of Unease, Epic (Grim Alteration)
Bestial Body (Grim Alteration)
Constitution Boon (Grim Alteration)
Constitution Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Constitution Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Dexterity Boon (Grim Alteration)
Dexterity Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Dexterity Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Elemental Body (Grim Alteration)
Energy Resistance (Grim Alteration)
Grim Sight, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Fast Movement (Grim Alteration)
Leaps and Bounds (Grim Alteration)
Temporal Focus (Grim Alteration)
Fortitude Boon (Grim Alteration)
Fortitude Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Fortitude Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Lucent Body, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Lucent Fortification (Grim Alteration)
Lucent Fortification, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Lucent Fortification, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Reflex Boon (Grim Alteration)
Reflex Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Reflex Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Stalwart Body (Grim Alteration)
Stalwart Body, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Stalwart Body, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Strength Boon (Grim Alteration)
Strength Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Strength Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Uncanny Dodge (Grim Alteration)
Uncanny Dodge, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Vigorous Healing (Grim Alteration)
Vigorous Healing, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Vigorous Healing, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Vigorous Regeneration (Grim Alteration)
Will Boon (Grim Alteration)
Will Boon, Improved (Grim Alteration)
Will Boon, Greater (Grim Alteration)
Wings (Grim Alteration)

Racial Paragon Classes

Aroghin Paragon: A tougher soldier.
Aroghin Temple Guard: Aroghin Paragon level 3 NPC.
Guromescai Paragon: Arcane caster.
Lyroni Roya: Guromescai Paragon level 3 NPC.


Goblin Sneak: Goblin rogue 3.
Gorg Ribsplinter: Goblin cleric 8.
Gegglahroque Ahgglin: Aroghin Paragon 3, wizard 3, cleric 3, mystic theurge 3.
Deeka Thug: Deeka rogue 3. (Needs Work)


The Bogey Chart 2: Add character flavor.
Bar Name Chart: Naming a bar quickly.
20 Curses: Minor curses. (Needs Work)
Potion Taste Chart: Description. Includes Elixirs and Ingested Poisons.
Jester Jokes: Funny-ish. (Needs Work)
Pixel grid test for basic mapping
Tinkering with statistics for races
Tinkering with tones
Recently Edited Races and New Races table
3.5e Type Preload
3.5e Subtype Preload
Grim Alteration Preload
Bright-light Vision (3.5e Creature Ability)

Adopted Pages[edit]

Fizletop Numbrains: Gnome Deity.
Alamanti: Pretty People.
Consu: Large somethings.
Deep Elves: Cave Elf.
Sky-Top Mushrooms: Usefulshroom.
Avadim: Small birdfolk.
Guitar: Um, a guitar.
Xerlasi: Lizard farmers.
Rockland Minotaur: A minotaur variant.
Einherjar: Norse outsiders.
Frost Elves: Cold Subtype Elves.
Succedaneum: A race of transforming aberrations.
Quicklings: Fast fey. (Needs Work)
Armorals: Human-like foreigners. (Needs Work)
Klilks: Human-like malleables. (Needs Work)
Alartares: Spirit-born empaths. (Needs Work)
Yearling Gene: Age as yearlings.
Deathly Asutas: Celestial-fiend mix. (Needs Work)
Gibis: Weird mean aliens. (Needs Work)

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