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Let Me Try [Skill]

Gain a +3 circumstance bonus on a skill after someone fails.
Benefit: As if you were able to learn by example, or as if the previous character nearly succeeded and helped you out by proxy, you gain +3 a circumstance bonus on skill checks to show up the failures of other characters.
Special: "Step aside and let me try". By taking a full round to observe another character attempt a skill, you may attempt that skill with a +3 circumstance bonus, so long as you have at least one rank in the skill and are able to do so. You cannot use this feat if the skill took, or will take, more than one round to complete. For example, you do not gain a bonus if the previous character "took 20". This bonus is only gained if you attempt the skill on the next round after the previous character failed. You can only use this skill if you took no action for the round that the original character made his attempt.

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