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Royal Jelly: This archpotion grants the effects of jump, spider climb and enlarge person.

  • Grants a +30 competence bonus on Jump skill checks, a 20 foot Climb speed, and a size increase resulting in a +2 size bonus to Strength, a −2 size penalty to Dexterity and a −1 size penalty on attacks and Armor Class.

4,800 gp crafted by a 12th level caster. Duration of 36 minutes.

6,000 gp crafted by a 15th level caster. Duration of 45 minutes.

Shelf life of 4 months.

Shelf Life

Archpotions have a limited shelf life. Archpotions that exceed their shelf life have a chance of going bad. There is a 10% chance per spell infused that after its shelf life date, the archpotion goes bad and instead has a different effect. Though it is the DMs decision, common expiration effects include:

CL Varies; ; Cost Varies; Market Price: Varies

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