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Brew Archpotion [Item Creation][edit]

You can infuse more than one spell into a potion, but at a greater cost and instability.
Prerequisite: Brew Potion, Knowledge (arcana) 16 ranks, Spellcraft 16 ranks
Benefit: You may infuse multiple spells into a single potion, referred to as an archpotion. You are still limited to 3rd level spells as the highest level to infuse into an archpotion. Additional spells also add durations when mixed properly. Spells can be double-infused in an archpotion to increase duration.
Special: The better the brew, the higher the cost. Extra duration is typically cheaper per round of function compared to having to consume several potions, but many of those rounds may go unused.
  • Base Price = (Spells' levels added together x Caster’s level x 100 gp) + Any specific material components.
  • Duration = The lowest duration of the spells infused at caster level x Number of spells infused.
  • EXP Cost = 1/25 Base Price.
  • GP Cost = 1/2 Base Price for materials used in the potions production.
  • Shelf Life = 1 year / Total number of spells.

Example: Golognorg (made by a 15th level Spell Caster)

  • Base Price = (2+2+2+3) x 15th level x 100 gp = 13,500 gp.
  • Duration = 15 rounds x 4 spells infused = 60 Rounds = 6 Minutes.
  • EXP Cost = 1/25(13,500) = 540 EXP.
  • GP Cost = 1/2(13,500) = 6,750 gp to make.
  • Shelf Life = 1 year / (4 spells) = 3 months.

Shelf Life: Archpotions have a limited shelf life. Divide 1 year by the total number of spells infused to determine its safe shelf life (with a minimum of 2 months). Archpotions that exceed their shelf life have a chance of going bad. There is a 10% chance per spell infused that after its shelf life date, the archpotion goes bad and instead has a different effect. Though it is the DMs decision, common expiration effects include:

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