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Sosha Ixa[edit]

The lowest tier of the Deities of Rom are collectively known as the Sosha Ixa. They are immortal, and hold the seeds of Godhood, but do not have followers or command control over the world other than by strength and will of action. Sosha Ixa range from Divine Rank 0 to Divine Rank 10. Hero Deity level Sosha Ixa do not command Godly realms or grant spells.

Traits of the Sosha Ixa[edit]

Sosha Ixa are powerful beings, but they are very young in the scope of existence. The Sosha Ixa are the very beginnings of Godhood. They are immortal, but are only the very seeds of Godliness. Sosha Ixa are beacons of hope for mortals, acting as saviors in time of need, or they are powerful forces of destruction, razing cities and crushing whole armies. Often, the Sosha Ixa are the children of Sosha Genia or Sosha Orsa. As this is the weakest of the orders, they are either destroyed or evolve into the next phase over time.

  • Star Seed: Deep within their bodies lays the tiny seed of Godhood. For this reason, they are prime targets for mortals who wish to become Gods. However, each Seed is heavily manipulated by the soul of its host body. For this reason, those who absorb a Seed run the risk of an alignment change until they bring the Seed under control in their own body.
  • Immortal: All Sosha Orsa are immortal, and do not age. If their body is destroyed, their soul and their Seed depart their body and travel to The Edge of Time.
  • Mutable Form: All Sosha Ixa are capable of transforming their bodies, not into other creatures, but into forms that may resemble other creatures, gaining the crude physical abilities of that form, such as forms of movements.
  • Call Gear: A Sosha Ixa is keyed to his equipment, and he can call it to him. His gear instantly returns to him at the start of the next round. So long as his equipment is not held by a higher ranking deity, the gear returns, regardless of whatever plane it was on.

Rejiksson's Sabayoh[edit]

The Sabayoh are above the order of celestials, and are made by Gods for specific tasks and given much power and free will. Rejiksson's Sabayoh were originally created to challenge the Gods in combat, their power has since changed. Nril and Astor have since ascended into the Sosha Orsa, while his siblings have been weakened. Though, they often still possess Godly abilities. Sabayoh are not limited by alignment as celestials and fiends are, and they are also not classified as either celestials or fiends. The Church of Nim refers to the Sabayoh as archangels, despite that the Sabayoh are not celestials.


He fought his brother, Nril, who had been corrupted by Exaka. He died in the battle and was absorbed into Nril. His name stands as a reminder of the wickedness that evil employs against the powers of good.






Some time after the war with Exaka, he was imprisoned for disobeying orders. His great powers and memories were stripped from him and laid into several artifacts of great power. His fate was left to mortals. It is said he holds the key to the connection of all magic on The Material Plane. During his incarceration, he was nearly forgotten about by the world around him.

The Sleeping God[edit]

The Sleeping God

Celestial Lords[edit]

These are the celestials born of the Sleeping God, a deity who sacrificed himself to create the material plane and the twilight lands. Unlike other celestials, these beings have souls seperate from their bodies, despite being outsiders. The Celestial Lords are not worshipped, as such their power is unknown.

The Dragon King: Guhlzermelth[edit]

Guhlzermelth is also the lord of shade and the very first of all dragonkind. He spawned every race of true dragons and retired to his kingship in the twilight world far away from the troubles of the outside world. He was a massive beast with six great feathered wings. His scales were dark and black and sharp. His feathers were sharper than any mortal blade. Though not ill tempered or ferocious, he didn’t take kindly to disrespect or dishonor, thus proving that even though he had befriended Neulaht, he could never forgive him for bearing a child with his daughter at the disrespect of his heir to the kingdom, Lord Shodral. Guhlzermelth died when Shodral excecuted his takeover by slowly poisoning the king, thus sending the twilight world into darkness.

The Angel of Light: Amarine[edit]

Amarine is the lord of light and is credited with the creation of the common form associated with the image of mortals, though not neccessarily the creation of the mortal races themselves, as their dormant seed lay imbeded within Amarine when she was formed from The Sleeping God. Her fi rst born child was Neulaht. All her children can wield light and change shape by manipulating the mutable space they occupy with their celestial power. This ability is shared by most all other true celestials. Her singular horn is said to be a shard of The Sleeping God’s bone which lodged into her head, though only Neulaht was ever born with a horn of his own. She can remove the shard and wield it as a weapon.

The Beast: Eku[edit]

Eku is the lord of all beasts and father of Neulaht. He took dominion of The Ancient Lands of Cuddi Rul where all manner of strange and powerful beasts dwell. He is reclusive and rarely seen.

The Nightmare: The Whorle[edit]

When The Sleeping God laid out among the land, he had his doubts and fears and worries which formed into The Whorle, a creature that preyed upon the innocent and ate their souls to grow stronger with the power of The Sleeping God. The Whorle hated all other living things, constantly spying on them from safe distances and plotting to feed upon them. It could create beasts to do its bidding, but these beasts are like nightmares themselves, having no real structure or minds, only outward forms with hidden intentions. The Whorle’s favorite manifested abomination was the Guelagaunt, a towering horned giant with great yellow eyes. Guelagaunts roar and bring dispair and crush with their mighty fists. The Whorle preferred staying disguised as a small and innocent looking creature, like a rabbit.

The Whorle was defeated by Noi and his companions in a great battle, which resulted in the creation of Zin Zigmord. However, there are doubts that The Whorle is truly dead and gone.

The Sight: Ecuphazha[edit]

The Sight took domain of The Edge of Time, a place where all souls go when they lack bodies to inhabit. Ecuphazha, like the souls of The Edge of Time, has no body unless venturing into the world. Though typically seen as a female, Ecuphazha once took the form of a man and wooed Amarine, who then birthed the most beautiful of all celestials, Samisai. Ecuphazha typically passes her time by watching into the future and the past to try and understand the world, as well as asking the passing souls about their lives and telling them what could have happened if only they had done things differently. She, being Noi’s grandmother, was forced to keep one thing from him, as he had inherited some of her power. Sadly, the one thing Noi wanted from her, the whereabouts of his mother’s soul, she could not tell, and blocked him from knowing. Ecuphazha gave birth to Paeña after a brief encounter with Guhlzermelth.

The Perseverence and Will: Bol[edit]

The Will became the tender of the forest of the trees that grow into the aether in Cuddi Rul. As a gift to Neulaht and his progeny, each tree was assigned to allow them safe travel to and from the lands of his father, Eku. Bol also loved and mourned for Neulaht’s loss of the lovely Paeña, daughter of Guhlzermelth and Ecuphazha. Bol is the grand tree soul, though he often takes the form of mist and clouds.

The Ancient Memory: Vellshader[edit]

Vellshader was formed of the memories of the past when The Sleeping God’s body spawned the celestials. His form is composed of crystals and he moves slowly. He is not only guardian of the ancient knowledge of the Time Before the World, he is also tormented by it. Vellshader knows all about history, but would fail to tell anything of current events.

The Weapon: Ribbon[edit]

Ribbon was born of the parts of The Sleeping God that was not part of The Sleeping God. Ribbon was born of the emptyness and was wielded as a weapon against all creation. Though being identifi ed as neither male nor female, as a weapon is a thing that destroys rather than creates life, Ribbon acts out on the world at whoever would set up a challenge.

The Dreams: Scrimgrott, Ayoona, Veshoran and Nool[edit]

The dreams of The Sleeping God formed four different and separate celestials, though thankfully for mortals, only Ayoona has any control over dreams.

Scrimgrott is the Lord of Curses who can read dreams and make them come true in the waking world. He is also the father of all shape-changing monsters and lycanthropes. He can change his form by drinking the blood of his victim. Though he is not without mercy and only curses those whom he deems require punishment for their deeds. He loves choosing an appropriate curse to inflict on his targets and may spend days sifting through a mortal’s dreams to find the perfect one.

Ayoona lives within the dreams of mortals and she loves to play with them in their dreams, like a child with a new playmate, doing as she pleases and leaving as her mortal companions wake, forgetting the truth of the happenings.

Veshoran is the dreamscaper and builds the dreamworld that mortals wander through while sleeping. Veshoran is always busy, and sometimes his world doesn’t always follow the rules that it should and strange things happen, much to the joy of Ayoona and Nool.

Nool has an infinite array of everchanging faces and forms at her disposal, and when she’s not enjoying the dreamscape, she’s about on the world making new creatures and breeding. More kinds of bizzare creatures are the offspring of Nool than all the other celestials combined.

The Muse: Zin Zigmord[edit]

He is the great celestial musician, and was born from wisps of The Whorle’s essences mixed with the pure essences of souls he had consumed. He was born on the night no mortal slept well, as a storm raged in the dream world when The Whorle died. Zin Zigmord wanders through all worlds playing his music to those who will listen, granting powerful inspiration and joys and sorrows for those who have passed on in time. As his dual natured composition, his personality can jump wildly from joy to depression, as he relies on his music for the reason to exist.

The Elemental Lords[edit]

Four primal elemental lords were born out of The Sleeping God. Each of these beings is tied not to an elemental plane, but to the Material Plane itself, and call it home.
The elemental lords do not have highly organized religions, but many folk pray to them at various times to ask for blessings.
  1. The Earth: Gund
  2. The Sky: Aether
  3. The Sea: Elnade
  4. The Rage: Raith

Celestial Progeny[edit]

These are the children of the Celestial Lords born of the Sleeping God. Both of their parents are Celestial Lords. Their power varies greatly, but it is thought that they are at least Divine Rank 0.


The father of all unicorns, though those that descend directly from him (through his lust for fair maidens) are called alicotheres and tend to have a few unique abilities not shared by the rest of the common unicorn race. Some of Neulaht’s offspring never realize their full potential and remain as half-alicotheres, creatures that appear mortal but with a few quirks, like a singular horn or beast-like features. Neulaht himself resembles a horse, but is tan with a single black horn jutting from his head. He hardly looks noble, and often scowls or carries on in ramblings of something difficult to understand. When not in his natural form, he takes on a mortal form gained from his mother, Amarine. He appears as a tanned and powerful young man with golden robes and often golden wings, with a horn. He can however remove his horn and unsheath a sword which is the horn’s root. He also wields powerful light and is an adept fighter, having had much training in his long years. He was killed by his long time enemy, the Whorle. He was later brought back from The Edge of Time by Vail, a former student and pawn of fate.


She is the dragon daughter of Guhlzermelth and Ecuphazha. She, even in mortal form, is as dark as night like all the mortals of the twilight lands. She also has the ability to see into the future to a limited extent, and seeing her death coming, told Neulaht that they would meet again. She was his lover and bore his fi rst child, Noi. At the Edge of Time, she set out again into the world, reborn into mortal forms again and again over the ages in an attempt to reunite with Neulaht. Eventually, she forgot her true purpose, as her memories were left with Ecuphazha. She never loved Neulaht as much as she had hoped too, being too cold and distant. Later, her memories were obtained by Vail, a mortal girl on a quest to revive Neulaht. Paeña’s memories and feeling filled Vail and she fell in love with Neulaht. Vail was also granted immortality by these memories.


The first born son of Neulaht and Paeña, being of true celestial decendance. He eventually wielded more power than either of his parents and defeated the Dragon Lord Shodral. Noi’s true form is a mortal form, appearing as a brown haired young man with a penchant for politeness. Though he may appear mortal, he also has many bodies, and can spawn more by splitting apart. He has another form that he gained from his mother’s side, that of a great gray dragon with feathered wings. He can also use his wings with his mortal form and has a tendancy to speak in elongated sentences like his father. Unlike his father, he has two great black horns which he can wield as weapons, though he only ever appears to have one weapon with him, keeping the other hidden from knowledge. With time on his side, he used his vast knowledge to assemble the fates and defeat the Whorle, at the cost of his father’s life as bait.

It is unknown how many bodies Noi keeps, but from time to time, he has gathered in armies of himself, and is a wave from which no force has ever held against him. He reaches far across many planes of existence. Greater Deities fear him and what he can do for Noi is beyond the Fates, keeping him beyond the power of any God's eyes or detection. Vellshader suspects that Noi is in fact the reincarnation of The Sleeping God, reborn from his own world and awaiting the day to reclaim all of creation.


The beautiful celestial born of the two most beautiful celestials, Amarine and Ecuphazha. Her curse is her beauty and can only bear female children. Weaker beings that spend time in her presence find themselves changed by her feminine power. For all this trouble, she is very modest and intelligent, using her abilities to aid others, rather than manipulate. She loves both of her mothers dearly.

Lord Shodral[edit]

Guhlzermelth’s dragon heir and a great shadow dragon from The Dark World. Though he was not born a dragon, he was granted this gift through duty, thus becoming a celestial himself. Though his quest for power drove him mad and he destroyed the Dragon King slowly and sought to take his daughter as his bride and bear an army of powerful dragons and sweep into the material plane from the twilight lands. His dark ambition drowned his home in the twilight lands with shadow and caused misery to his people for many ages. Noi eventually overthrew him and reclaimed his home as the true heir of Guhlzermelth.

The Grim Face: The Pale Grey Death[edit]

Though it is unknown who bore him, most suspect Vellshader, Ayoona, or even Ecuphazha. In any case, he is the claimer of souls and guides them to The Edge of Time. He wears a soft looking pale grey suit and is very thin and slightly taller than any normal mortal. he wears a wide brim hat and a stylish bird’s mask, never showing his face. Both calm and gentle, he seems to care for the souls, but no one knows why. Only the dead can see him. He can be called upon to return souls to the recently departed, but requires something in exchange, commonly one soul for another.

Caed Colluxe[edit]

She is the flyer and lord of wings. She lives among the great trees in Cuddi Rul. She most often resembles a great flying insect queen. She tends to the trees where Bol cannot reach and is said to be able to fly into the aether of the cosmos. She makes a nectar that is said to be the most delicious substance ever created, granting its imbiber with great power.

The Bogeyman: Naro[edit]

Naro is the plight of all mortals and is responsible for paranoia and fear as well as a number of abnormalities and birth defects. He likes to pop up and scare mortals, and it is said to be good to face troubles in life at the hands of Naro to be handed gifts in exchange for his amusement as a turnabout. Often enough, mortals don’t recognize the gift, such as a mere brush with death rather than a one way trip to The Edge of Time.


Ocassionally called the Fates, this mysterious force seems to be above that of even the Gods and sees all aspects and nuances of existence. Whether this is a true entity or merely a figure of speech is unknown, and is constantly debated among scholars.

Celestials and Fiends[edit]

Celestials and Fiends are soulless beings who follow out the commands of their Gods. They have very little will of their own. Celestials were created with the intent of helping mortals, while fiends were created with the intent of eradicating them, toying with them, eating them or harvesting their souls for energy for their masters. Celestials also harvest souls for their masters, they simply go about it by welcoming the willing into their awaiting realm. Fiends take what they want, and the willing help aid their hunt.


  • The heir of Guhlzermelth will restore the twilight lands.
  • Fate can be undone by the one who takes it for himself.
  • The army of Exaka will one day see the light of the mortal realm again.
  • The one who reaches the farthest will discover a world unlike anything his fingers have touched.

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