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True Love’s Kiss[edit]

This powerful potion is Divine Love from the Gods, pulled from the Cosmic Aether of their Godly Essences and bottled. It cannot be made by mortals. It can bring back the dead as true resurrection. It can reunite a lost soul with his body, even if that soul is trapped in another plane of existence or by a powerful spell. It can grant a believer the power to overcome any obstacle in the name of True Love, in the form of a geas/quest of a proper virtue (as deemed by the DM). In commanding this geas/quest, the drinker is granted a +2 sacred bonus to all abilities, which are undrainable, until the geas/quest is completed. If the drinker seeks to ignore this special geas/quest, the powers immediately vanish, and the Gods abandon him, for which he must atone if he is ever to regain Divine favor. Divine spells seeking to aid the abandoned have no effect on him. All divine spells that seek to harm an abandoned function as normal.

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