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The Bogey Chart 2[edit]

Okay, so this works like feats and flaws and roleplaying quirks. We usually roll 2 times, with an optional 3rd time. Reroll when it doesn't make sense for the player, and reroll one if you get 3 negative game affecting bogeys.

If you decide to use this, every player must roll on it. Roll a d100:

Table: The Bogey Chart 2
# Bogey Description
1 Mugged Start without items and 50% HP loss.
2 What’s That Smell? You smell like a vegetable of your choice.
3 Street Talk Can’t read or write bonus languages, but +2 Diplomacy.
4 Hunting Accident Missing hand (free hook) or Missing leg (free peg, −5ft land speed).
5 Son of a Whore You're a by-product of the world’s oldest profession.
6 Clutch Confidence +2 on skill checks in “life threatening” situations.
7 Unnatural Mistrust You don’t trust foreigners.
8 Work History +2 on any two different Professions.
9 Distracting +2 on feint attempts, Bluff and Sleight of Hand checks.
10 Unlucky Once per day, the DM can make you reroll any successful reflex save.
11 Fancy Pants Free bonus Masterwork armor and extra set of clothes.
12 Speech impediment −2 Diplomacy, Bluff.
13 Unfortunate Nickname Other Players and DM collaborate on your new nickname.
14 A History of Violence Power Attack feat.
15 A Wizard Did it You are cursed by a curse of the DM’s choice.
16 I’m Getting too Old for This Shit Age goes up one category.
17 Reincarnated You remember a life as someone else.
18 Photographic Memory DM gives you hints on things you’ve seen before in better detail. Immune to Amnesia.
19 Bold and Beautiful +1 Charisma, though you are prone to taking risks.
20 Triple Threat +2 on Perform(singing), Perform(dancing), Disguise
21 A Fool and His Money Everyday, you loose a gp for no reason.
22 Pumped Up +1 Strength, +20% extra weight.
23 I Don’t Know −2 penalty on Knowledge skill checks
24 Up Close and Personal +1 on unassisted melee targets, −1 on ranged attacks (not ranged touch attacks).
25 Tone Deaf −2 penalty on all Listen and Perform(singing).
26 Strong, Silent Type +1 Strength, but you only speak when spoken to directly, or in "life threatening" situations.
27 Jazz Hands Quick Draw feat, +2 Sleight of Hand.
28 Sleep in the Nude You don’t wear anything to bed.
29 Catchphrase You use your catchphrase whenever possible. Have other players make suggestions for it.
30 Fashion Disaster Your clothes and armor always look mismatched and outdated.
31 Free Zero You can cast a 0 level spell at will 3 times a day. Key ability modifier is player's choice.
32 Jittery You move at least 1 square every round in combat, as long as it doesn’t hurt you to do so.
33 Pyromaniac You can make little flames (like a lighter) with your hands that deal 1 point of fire damage per round (not to you).
34 A Japanese Thing When people talk about you behind your back, you sneeze.
35 Underwear Model +1 Charisma, −1 Constitution, addicted to the drug of your choice.
36 Hands on Training You get +2 in two skills you have no ranks in but other PCs have ranks in.
37 Brash −2 penalty on all Charisma based skill checks, but +2 on Will saves.
38 Built up Immunity +2 on Fortitude saves.
39 Wiry −1 Strength +1 Dexterity.
40 Contortionist +1 Dexterity, +4 Escape Artist.
41 Stalker You have an unusual obsession over another PC. (DM may opt to choose who in secret)
42 Walk it Off Regain lost HP and ability damage every day, even if not rested.
43 Jackass You’re famous for having done something really stupid.
44 Traveling Salesman +2 on Appraise checks as well as +2 on Diplomacy when bargaining.
45 Hunted Someone keeps hiring NPCs to get you.
46 Strong Hands You’re always treated as though you have locking gauntlets.
47 Ex You were married, now you're not.
48 Diver +2 bonus on Swim checks, you can hold your breath twice as long as normal.
49 Bully +1 to attack all targets of smaller size categories.
50 Got it, Flaunt it You wear things that make you stand out (+2 for others to spot you).
51 Nose Picker You pick your nose in public.
52 NC-17 You are inappropriate for young audiences. Reroll if you already rolled Funk That!
53 Liar You lie compulsively. Reroll if your character class prohibits lies.
54 Compensation When you roll a natural one for an attack, your next attack roll gets a +2 bonus that encounter.
55 Tall Your height is the maximum listed for your race/gender.
56 Red Flag You like to fight dirty. +2 on attacks against opponents who are knocked down.
57 Warm Welcome You're always happy to see new faces.
58 Not Paying Attention −2 Initiative penalty.
59 Never Give Up, Never Surrender When all your allies have been killed, you fight with +4 morale bonus.
60 Avenge My Death! Your party gets a +2 morale bonus when you drop to −10 HP for that encounter.
61 Longevity You don’t suffer the negative aging effects for becoming middle-aged only.
62 Pimped out Ride You get a mount of your choice with masterwork studded leather barding.
63 Wisdom of the Trees −1 Wisdom.
64 Nymphomaniac Sex addict.
65 Seaman +4 Profession(sailor).
66 Awesome +1 Charisma. People love you, man. Way to rock!
67 Focused Skill Set +1 skill points per level, but you loose a skill as a class skill.
68 Beauty Sleep If you get your full rest, you get a +2 bonus on Charisma based skills, otherwise its a −4 penalty.
69 Bald You don’t have hair, except for eye brows and eye lashes.
70 Weirdo Choose either: 3rd Nipple, Unibrow, Warts, Albinism, or Excess Body Hair.
71 Night Terrors Every time you go to sleep, roll a d20, on a natural 1 you wake up screaming and flailing.
72 Powerful Chest If PC is Male, then +1 Strength, if PC is Female, then +1 Charisma.
73 Schooled +1 Intelligence.
74 Hot Topic Choose either tattoos or piercings, or both.
75 Claustrophobic −2 morale penalty in tight quarters.
76 Look to a Higher Power If you pray for a round before you take an action, you get a +2 bonus on a skill check.
77 Adopted You gain the learned abilities of another race, such as a dwarf’s training, as well as languages.
78 Dragon Tongue You can speak Draconic with a perfect accent, but not read or write it.
79 Adjustment +1 to an ability score, −1 to another.
80 Androgynous like David Bowie Your features appear fair for a man or too rough for a woman.
81 Super Hero On Double Natural 20s for an attack, you gain a +2 Morale bonus for the encounter.
82 Rock Star The masterwork instrument of your choice plus a +2 bonus on Perform for the instrument’s type.
83 Serial Killer You secretly kill people.
84 Space Invader You get a +2 bonus to attack all opponents who occupy your space (but not your natural reach).
85 Minion Your choice of Handmaiden or Stable boy. You do not have to pay this minion, but they will need food.
86 Haunted? A ghostly apparition only you can see follows you around and talks to you.
87 Kung-Fucious +1 Wisdom, Improved Unarmed Strike feat.
88 Horse Whisperer +2 on Ride checks, +4 on Handle Animal checks with horses.
89 Popeye You have a favorite food/drink, and when you eat it, it functions like a bull’s strength potion once a day.
90 Potion Drunk Healing potions restore 1 HP more than you roll for.
91 Take a Hit You shrug off the first point of nonlethal damage each round from attacks.
92 Lost −4 on Survival skill checks.
93 One Too Many −4 on Fortitude saves to resist drunkenness.
94 Funk That! You can’t stand to curse. Reroll if you already rolled NC-17.
95 Go For It You gain a +2 morale bonus when your HP drop to or below your Level (i.e. 3 HP at 3rd level).
96 Weekly You get a 2nd Level spell once a week cast at your character level. Key ability modifier is player's choice.
97 Trunk of Junk You get to roll for 2 random Minor Magic items.
98 Posse 3 Level 1 NPC Class minions follow you around, but don’t fight unless attacked.
99 Interspecies Dating Hey, at least you're not a racist.
100 DM LAW DM's choice!

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