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Potion Rarity Type
5e Potion Preload
Ambrosia Very Rare
Anti-Radiation Pills uncommon
Armor Potion rarity varies
Auril's Kiss common
Bard's Cheat Sheet rare
Berserk Potion uncommon
Berserker's Toxin uncommon
Bloodlust Potion rare
Bottled Lion uncommon
Bottled Misery uncommon
Canned Air uncommon
Clear Potion rare
Cream of Imperviousness rare
DNA Solution uncommon
Dancing Juice uncommon
Demondrug rare
Dragon Scale Essence Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare
Dragonblood Brew Legendary
Draught of Toad uncommon
Elixir of Assurance uncommon
Elixir of Power unique
Elixir of Skeletonization very rare
Elixir of Zombification very rare
Empowering Drink Rare
Enzyme 42 Legendary
Estus Common (1 use), Uncommon (2 uses), Rare (3 uses)
Everfrost Ale uncommon
Felix Felicis Very Rare
Fingerprint Copier uncommon
Flask of the Titans rare
Goodberry Potion common
Hangover Cure common
Hawkeye Kohl uncommon
Instant Comfort common
Knight Tatru's Ointment rare
Ladnar's Potion Uncommon
Lead Elixir uncommon
Magnifying Glass Polishing Solution, Improved rare
Magnifying Glass Polishing Solution uncommon
Mana Potion, Variant Varies
Mana Potion Rare
Mar's Might Legendary
Moon Juice uncommon
Naphtha rare
Noggenfogger Elixir uncommon
Oil of Amorphousness uncommon
Oil of Anger uncommon
Permanent Potion of Animal Friendship Very Rare
Permanent Potion of Clairvoyance Legendary
Permanent Potion of Climbing Rare
Permanent Potion of Diminution Legendary
Permanent Potion of Fire Breath Very Rare
Permanent Potion of Flying Unique
Permanent Potion of Gaseous Form Legendary
Permanent Potion of Giant Strength Varies
Permanent Potion of Growth Very Rare
Permanent Potion of Health Varies
Permanent Potion of Heroism Legendary
Permanent Potion of Invisibility Unique
Permanent Potion of Invulnerability Legendary
Permanent Potion of Longevity Unique
Permanent Potion of Mind Reading Legendary
Permanent Potion of Nimbleness varies
Permanent Potion of Poison Very Rare
Permanent Potion of Resistance Very Rare
Permanent Potion of Speed Unique
Permanent Potion of Style Very Rare - Unique
Permanent Potion of Vitality Unique
Permanent Potion of Water Breathing Very Rare
Phial of exanimis uncommon
Pill of Vitality rarity varies
Placebo Enhancer common
Poe Soul common
Potion of (temporary) Godly Power Uncommon-Legendary
Potion of Artistic Form Rare
Potion of Chaos rare
Potion of Crippling Frost Very Rare
Potion of Darkvision uncommon
Potion of Deceiving Varies
Potion of Divination rare
Potion of Euphoria very rare
Potion of Freezing rare
Potion of Goose uncommon
Potion of Life rare
Potion of Light uncommon
Potion of Lycanthropy Immunization uncommon
Potion of Magic common, uncommon, or rare
Potion of Magic Restoration Rare
Potion of Message Deliverance uncommon
Potion of Minor Shielding uncommon
Potion of Perfectness rarity varies
Potion of Plant Growth rare
Potion of Potions rare
Potion of Rage very rare
Potion of Rapid Combat rare
Potion of Rejuvenation rarity varies
Potion of Sleep uncommon
Potion of Solace common
Potion of Sudden Translocation very rare
Potion of Survival rare
Potion of Synchrilicy rare
Potion of Temporary Immortality legendary
Potion of Ultra Strength very rare
Potion of Unknown Effect Legendary
Potion of Violent Divination uncommon
Potion of Vulnerability, Variant rare
Potion of Wild Speech rare
Potion of the Nineteen Realms rare
Potion of the Sleepless Mind common
Psychoserum very rare
Rest in a Bottle uncommon
Revitalisation Potion rarity varies
Revival Potion legendary
Scarlet Bovine common
Sticky Bomb uncommon
Tonic Uncommon
Unpotion Uncommon
Vial of Moon's Essence uncommon
Vorcka rare

April Fools Potions

Potion Rarity Type
Chocolate Rain common
Permanent Potion of Yeeting Rare
Potion of Guilt Rare
Potion of Potions Potion legendarily dumb
Potion of Potions Potion Potion legendarily dumb
Potion of Speeeeeeeeeed Legendarily Hilarious

Incomplete Potions

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