Permanent Potion of Fire Breath (5e Equipment)

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Potion, Very Rare

Design Note: This item uses the Permanent Potions homebrew ruleset.

When you drink this potion, you gain the Breath Weapon feature of the Dragonborn race, creating fire when you use it. A Dragonborn that already has a fire-based Breath Weapon that drinks this potion can use it twice before not being able to use it again without taking a short or long rest. Drinking additional of these potions fails to stack the effect, and leaves an uncomfortable burning sensation in your throat, even for a fire-breathing Dragonborn.

For clarification, a Dragonborn that has a different type of Breath Weapon other than fire can gain the benefits of this potion, being able to perform both types of Breath Weapons. Each one is separate, and separately returns after a short or long rest (Though one rest is enough to return both at the same time).

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