Potion of Rejuvenation (5e Equipment)

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Potion, rarity varies

You regain both hit points and an expended spell slot when you drink this potion of purple liquid. The number of hit points and the maximum level of spell slot regained depends on the potion's rarity, as shown in the Potions of Rejuvenation table.

Potions of Rejuvenation[edit]

Potion of... Rarity HP regained Spell slot regained
Rejuvenation Uncommon 2d4 + 2 One of 3rd level or lower
Greater rejuvenation Rare 4d4 + 4 One of 4th level or lower
Superior rejuvenation Very Rare 8d4 + 8 One of 5th level or lower
Supreme rejuvenation Legendary 10d4 + 20 One of 6th level or lower

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