Permanent Potion of Invisibility (5e Equipment)

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Potion, Unique

Design Note: This item uses the Permanent Potions homebrew ruleset. Additionally, it uses the Unique Item Rarity homebrew ruleset as well.

This potion makes it's own bottle invisible, appearing as a liquid in the shape of its container but not having one. When you drink this potion, you become invisible. Anything you are carrying or wearing is invisible with you until you drop it. This invisibility does not end when you attack or cast a spell, though if you are unconscious at any time, even by normal means such as sleep, you become visible until you awaken. You also stay visible if you die, and if you are revived by means that creates a new body, this effect doesn't carry over. If you concentrate, you can temporarily become visible as long as you maintain concentration. However, effects that prevent spells from being cast stop this invisibility from working temporarily as long as your are under that effect (after the end of which the invisibility returns at the start of your next turn), and effects that end spells such as dispel magic disable the invisibility until the end of your next turn.

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