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Potion, uncommon

This potion is brewed through a complicated process where an entire lion is dissolved in acidic gas, then the fluid is distilled and concentrated until it resembles a golden ichor. One lion is enough to make a dozen vials. It is commonly used as a performance enhancing drug by gladiators.

When you drink this potion, you can add 1d4 to Strength checks and saving throws, you add +2 to damage with weapons that use your Strength ability score as the modifier, and you are immune to the frightened condition. This lasts for 1 hour. During this time, you are prone to risk-taking behaviour and over-aggression.

Addiction: Whenever you drink this potion, you must make a constitution save with a DC of 10, increasing by 2 everytime you drink it. The DC resets if you do not take the drug for a month. If you fail, you become addicted and suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you do not drink the potion for a day. While suffering from Bottled Lion withdrawal, your Strength and Constitution scores are reduced by 2 each, though neither can fall below 8 in this way. The addiction can be cured after a month without taking it, or with a cast of greater restoration.

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