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Potion, Varies

This blue, opaque potion is a weaker but safer alternative to the other Mana Potion choice of this wiki. Consuming this potion as a creature with no spellcasting ability does nothing, but as a spellcaster, it has a few possible options. Drinking the potion restores a spell slot or number of spell slots equal in value to the highest single spell slot it can restore (For example, a Greater Mana Potion can restore a single 3rd level spellslot, but the caster can instead use it to restore up to three 1st level spellslots, or one 1st level spellslot and one 2nd level spellslot). Additionally, instead of restoring spellslots, it can be used to restore Ki Points to a Monk, or Sorcery Points to a Sorcerer, at 1 point per first level spell slot the potion can restore. If the caster wants to, they can use a Mana Potion even if they do not have enough spent spellslots to benefit from the entire potion. They can use this to recover the spellslots they're after, but the additional spellslots they can't recover are lost. Finally, if using the spell points variant rule, the potions can restore an equivalent amount of spell points to the maximum spellslot it would otherwise restore. Due to the different costs of different levels of spellslots not being an exact multiplier, it can't be used to restore any combination of spellslots as spell points other than that maximum (Because a clever player might be able to use it to get more spell points than they would otherwise be missing from the spellslots they've made with spell points).

Mana... Rarity Spellslots restored
Potion Uncommon One 1st Level Spellslot
Greater Rare One 3nd Level Spellslot
Superior Very Rare One 5th Level Spellslot
Supreme Legendary One 7th Level Spellslot

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