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Ritual Level Category Key Skill Market Price
Bind creature 2 Binding Arcana 200*
Create Mundane Item 3 Creation Arcana 125gp
Create Panacea 15 Creation Nature 5000 gp
Deity Converse 3 Divination Religion 500gp/Question
Dragon's Sigil 1 Binding Arcana (no check) 50 gp
Drakon Blood Binding 10 Binding Arcana 50,000,000
Eldritch Tattoo 18 Creation Arcana 20,000 gp
Enhance Memory 1 Exploration Arcana or Religion (no check) 50 gp
Extend Senses 1 Scrying Arcana (No check) 50 gp
Implant Cybernetic 6 Restoration Heal 360 gp
Landbond Coronation 10 Binding Religion (no check) 1000 gp
Landbond Deposition 11 Warding Nature 2600 gp
Landbond Enserfdom 10 Binding Nature or Religion 1,000 gp
Leed's Curse 3 Binding Arcana or Religion 400 gp
Magic Seed 6 Creation Nature 360 gp
Paper Messenger 1 Exploration Arcana 50 GP
Phantom Bird 8 Exploration Arcana 380 gp
Planepower Drain 11 Binding Arcana 4000 gp
Razor Vial Recipe 2 Creation Arcana 80 gp
Reprogramming 18 Binding Religion N/A
Ritual of Decadence 16 Binding Religion 9,000 gp
Soul Split 25 Creation Arcana 500,000 gp, the ritual is outlawed in most kingdoms
Storage Scroll 2 Creation Arcana 100 gp
Summon Gold 4 Creation Arcana (no check) 175 gp
Summoned Weapon of Brutus 16 Binding Religion 8,000
Tenser's Floating Board 1 exploration Arcana 50 gp
Vow of Penance 1 Divination Religion (no check)
Weld 8 Creation Arcana 680 gp

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