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Disguise Traces[edit]

This ritual changes the traces you leave behind you, making you appear to be a different creature.

Level: 10 Component Cost: 65
Category: Deception Market Price: 250 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Nature
Duration: Up to 1 week

Useful for misdirecting pursuit, this ritual causes your scent, footprints and other traces that you leave when you move to be cloaked by illusion. You can leave sign that appears to be from any creature of your type within one size category of you, or of any type that is your size category. You can decide the fine details of your apparent traces, such as what kind of footwear you appear to be wearing, whether you were running or walking, if you were bearing a heavy burden, etc. Once the ritual's duration expires, your traces revert to their true nature.

Throughout the ritual you may change the nature of the tracks you leave by spending a standard action.

A creature tracking you whose passive Insight check beats your Nature check can tell that your tracks and spoor are somehow false, and a subsequent Arcana check that beats your Nature check will reveal what they truly are.

Nature Check Duration
9 or lower 8 hours
10-19 1 day
20-29 2 days
30-39 5 days
40 or higer 1 week

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