And the Sea Gives Up Its Dead (4e Ritual)

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And the Sea Gives Up Its Dead[edit]

You raise your arms before the waters, and at last, they begin to churn as something rises from beneath.

Level: 19 Component Cost: 4,500 gp
Category: Exploration Market Price: 21,000 gp
Time: 12 hours Key Skill: Arcana or Nature
Duration: 24 hours

Using this ritual at the edge of or upon a body of water, you raise from the sunken depths a ship, body, chest or other object of your choice (but not creature) that originated out of the water. This ritual is usually employed to retrieve lost treasure or items of historical note. Whatever is raised will float on the surface until the end of the ritual's duration, then sink again (unless you or other creatures act to prevent such things from happening).

If the object you choose is not in range or is completely destroyed, you learn this halfway through the ritual and expend only half the normal component cost. If the chosen target is in range (determined by your Arcana check), it rises unerringly to you.

Check Result Range
9 or lower 1/2 mile
10-19 1 mile
20-29 5 miles
30-39 10 miles
40+ 25 miles

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